SNC Cribs: Sophomore Edition


As the housing process for the 2015-2016 academic year begins, many are wondering what the different residence halls are like and what other SNC students have to say about them. Future sophomores may be wondering where to live next year. We hope this article will shed some light on the topic.

The three residence halls that are specifically catered to sophomore students are VMC, MMM and Michels Hall. All three offer different living situations that appeal to the majority of students here on campus.

In MMM hall, a group of four students share a suite that is comprised of two bedrooms connected by a bathroom. Both bedrooms have sinks with cabinets attached, desks, closets and dressers. There are many ways to set up the bedroom – some students have all four beds in one room and leave the second room as a ‘lounge’ area, but most students have two beds, typically with one lofted, to a room (leaving more room for activities). Brandon Tentler ’17, shared his thoughts me on living in MMM Hall.

What do you like best about MMM?

I like not sleeping in same room with three other people. There’s more room to do what you want and have your own space to go back to. Being on the shore of the Fox River is also nice for activities.

Anything you dislike about MMM?

The location could be more centralized, but it is close to GMS, Cofrin and Boyle which is nice for classes. It’s also close to Polito’s, Erbs and the Hookah Bar.

Was this your first choice for housing?

We actually tried for VMC but are happy with how it turned out. We all prefer MMM to VMC.

Do you like the floor you’re living on?

It’s nice living on the second floor because there are not many stairs to walk up, but there’s also the elevator if you live on the higher floors. Buuuut we still use the elevator every single day, especially after a long night!

Why did you set your room up this way (bunk beds)?

We set up our room this way because it gives us a lot more space and we don’t have a futon so we didn’t have to worry about fitting that in. Our suitemates have a futon and two TV’s, so their room is set up differently to accommodate that.

VMC Hall is set up differently, but still houses four students to a suite. VMC features a front room with desks, a smaller middle area with a bathroom and dressers and a back room with beds and closets. VMC is also unique because it has an open courtyard in the center of the building, allowing the residents to get a taste of the weather before leaving the hall and venturing outside. VMC is also located between the cafeteria and Schuldes, making it a great residence hall for athletes to live in. I shared my own thoughts on VMC, as I am living there this semester;

What is your favorite thing about VMC?

I like how close it is to everything on campus. The cafe and Campus Center are right next door, as well as the library and the houses on Third Street.

Is there anything you don’t like about living in VMC?

I’m not the biggest fan of bundling up just to do laundry…the rooms can get pretty cold too, especially by the windows and front door.

Was this your first choice for housing?

I put MMM as my first choice for housing because I knew I wouldn’t get into VMC with my lottery number. I lived in MMM first semester and now I’m in VMC and like it a lot more! With the right people, it works well.

Do you like the floor you’re on?

I’m on the first floor and I love living there! No stairs to climb and the courtyard is right outside my window.

Any reason as to why you set your room up this way?

It worked the best for my roommates and me. We have two futons and knew we wanted one in each room, and having the beds lofted and pushed up against the wall makes the most sense.

Finally, Michels Hall is another option for sophomore students to make their home away from home. Michels features 14 suite-style rooms, with each room having four two-person bedrooms, a common room, a kitchenette and a larger bathroom to accommodate eight people. The unique factor about Michels is that you and your roommates focus on one charity group to serve over the course of the academic year spent living in the residence hall. You also elect a group leader within your roommates and work alongside an SNC faculty member to help give back to the De Pere and greater Brown County communities.

All three of these dorms offer different styles of living to the SNC student body. Besides the sophomore residence halls, sophomores can also look into single rooms in Burke Hall or the triple rooms in Sensenbrenner. For many, it all depends on how you prefer to live and how well you and your roommates work together.

Students should keep in mind that they don’t always get their first choice, but all sophomore housing locations are good options and very livable. I personally enjoyed living in both MMM and VMC for different reasons and would be happy if I had to have spent the entire academic year in one of the two dorms. Besides, worse comes to worse, sophomores can always look forward to junior housing, where you have many more options as to where you might want to live.


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