The First of Many ‘Great Decisions’


On Wednesday, Feb. 18, Dr. Arup Varma of Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business in Chicago came to St. Norbert College to give his lecture titled “India Changes Course.”

Varma’s lecture is a part of the “Great Decisions” lecture series. This lecture series is a nationwide program designed to bring together local, regional and national experts to discuss various international topics of interest. This particular lecture was the first of eight lectures apart of the series.

To start off his lecture, Dr. Varma began with some basic knowledge of India to give the audience some of the general ideas of the country, before taking the audience through the different developments of India.

From there on, Varma talked about several reforms that India has been going through since the 1980s. He talked about various topics, including the diversity of the nation, barriers to foreign businesses, the needs of India and many more.

A particular point that Dr. Varma continually pressed upon was the idea that India had a great start and that they were improving, however, there is still a lot left to do to be on the same level as all of the other huge powers of the world.

There will be seven other lectures that will be a part of the Great Decisions series. They will be on every Wednesday from Feb. to April at 7:30 in the Fort Howard Theater. For more information on upcoming lectures, go to:


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