Would You Live in the Frozen Tundra?


We all know those students you meet during your first year at SNC. When you ask them where they are from, they say a warm state like Florida or Arizona and you think to yourself, “How did these kids end up at St. Norbert College?” We all love St. Norbert, but why do locals stay and why do distant students come to the frozen tundra?

First-years Cole Patterson and Jack Becker said that St. Norbert wasn’t an easy choice. “St. Norbert was actually my second choice. A reason I really came here was for the St. Norbert Football Program,” says Becker, a Boston native.

Patterson, who came to St. Norbert from Arizona, said “Having family in the community definitely made the transition from Arizona to Wisconsin easier. St. Norbert just seemed like the right fit for me.”

Both first-year students agree that they do not see themselves living in the community after graduation but think it is a fun place to “throw down” in their college years.

We also know students from Green Bay or De Pere, but why do they stay in the community?

Jared Hohol ’17 said St. Norbert was an easy choice for him, “I applied to multiple colleges and universities, but never really had a good feel for any. Then I took a tour of the St. Norbert campus and I fell in love with the school. Although I am only twenty minutes from my house in Bellevue, a suburb of Green Bay, I still consider St. Norbert my home away from home.”

Hohol thinks that he will end up spending the majority of his life in Green Bay, depending on where he goes to graduate school. He loves the Packers and everything the town has to offer.

Savannah Labassi ’17, also from Bellevue, says St. Norbert was her second choice, but in the end was the right school for her. Labassi, is obsessed with the college and the music program that it offers.

Local students and those who are from distant states seem to all have one thing in common: the concept of communio. In one way or another, all of these students seem to have ties to the St. Norbert College community and the feeling of having a “home away from home.” St. Norbert College is able to offer the tools to help students feel comfortable away from home, whether they are from Green Bay or Arizona. St. Norbert offers something special that many colleges cannot provide: the opportunity to create a family with peers in a college setting, something special we should not take for granted.


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