Evergreen Theatre Breaks Fourth Wall in “The Snow Queen”


Latest Evergreen Performance Feeds On Audience Participation

From Feb. 26 to March 1, the Webb Theater was home to the latest Evergreen Young Actors Theatre performance. This time, they entertained audiences with “The Snow Queen,” a story of a young girl on a quest to get her friend back from the evil Snow Queen. Along the way, she befriends some ravens, a princess and her prince, the sun god and a reindeer.

One of the unique features about this performance was that the audience was able to participate in the action. In fact, it was highly encouraged. Characters would address the audience to ask for their help, advice or an answer to a question. It made the play livelier, and the audience was a lot more engaged. The younger audience especially seemed to like this. The more the play went on, the more the audience was willing to respond. This created a great atmosphere that made the performance that much better.

The actors all put on a great performance, making their characters lively and interesting. The show never seemed to lack energy, and they did a really good job catering to a younger audience. Even intermission seemed to have a buzz in the air as everyone awaited the second act.

However, sometimes the dialogue could be a little underwhelming. There were some bad puns (which, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate) and some jokes that I couldn’t even imagine being funny to young kids. Now, these were few and far between, but they unfortunately have a greater long-lasting impact. The plot also had points that were a little underwhelming. For example, the Snow Queen’s magic can find anyone anywhere, yet a majority of the play she struggles to find the main character. Things like this momentarily break the engagement, but the play does a good job of pulling the audience back in. And the performance is targeted more towards the kids in attendance, so it makes sense for some portions of the plot to fall short. After all, kids tend to question things like that less.

Overall, it was a good show. The actors should be proud of what they accomplished. It was a unique experience, especially since I’ve never seen a play that asks for audience involvement before. Obviously, someone who is a child (on the inside, outside or both) would have enjoyed this performance a lot more than an adult, but it does just enough to be engaging to everyone.



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