It’s Pebble Time—The Next Generation of Smart Watches


The Original Smart Watch Reinvents Itself

The Pebble watch was one of the first products to make the Kickstarter platform of crowdfunding popular. The Pebble is a smart watch that connects to your smartphone and sends notifications to the watch that shows your incoming e-mails, text messages and calls on the watch’s display. The watch was popular enough to be distributed to actual stores like Best Buy. Now, the makers of the Pebble have come out with a new version of the watch simply called “Pebble Time.”

This new watch is similar to the original Pebble except that it now has a new color screen and boasts battery life of a week on a single charge. The device also has a port that allows accessory makers to add functionality to the watch for fitness and other purposes. The watch will come with a new interface called “Timeline” that should make viewing content more manageable. There will also be the addition of a microphone that allows users to make voice notes or send a quick message to someone. There still is no functionality to make phone calls with it yet, but maybe someone will add the feature through the accessory port.

The Pebble Time was announced via a Kickstarter like the original Pebble. Within a day of its launch, it reached the funding mark of $500,000. As of Mar. 4, 2015 (23 days after the Kickstarter launch), the Pebble Time has received over $15,000,000 in funding. The watch will retail for $200 and will come in three colors of black, white or red. The first batch of watches is expected to launch in May for the first 40,000 funders. The first distribution of Pebble watches ended in delays, but the company says it is taking measures to prevent repeating mistakes.

The Pebble itself is not something that will completely change the way you use your phone, but it is one of the best possible accessories to pair with your phone. If you are interested in a smart watch but do not want to spend the cash on the new watch, the old Pebble currently retails for $99 and will eventually receive the Timeline upgrades of the Pebble Time.


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