Student Spotlight: Sam Evers

Name: Sam Evers

Grade:  Senior

Major/Minor:  Natural Science Major with a Theater Minor.

Why did you choose SNC?
I originally chose SNC because I wanted to become a Youth Minister. I continue to choose SNC for the close bonds I have made with my peers and professors.

What would your dream role be?

I would love to be Spiderman in the musical “Turn off the Dark” or even in one of the movies.

What is your favorite part about performing or working in theatre?

My favorite part of theater is sharing the experience of putting together a production that people actually want to see and being proud of what everyone has accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Which type of production do you enjoy working on more: musicals or plays?  

I like watching musicals for the emotions that can be felt in a particularly moving song. However, I tend to enjoy the stories that plays tell more.

What do you like doing besides working on performances?

Last semester, I was blessed with an internship at the NEW Zoo. This included the general care of several animals used for educational opportunities at the Zoo. Teaching others about the importance of conserving different habitats with the help of my animal buddies was very rewarding.

What are your plans for after college?  

I plan to move to Texas to live close to my girlfriend and hopefully work at a zoo or conservation center there. No doubt, after I recover from the heat, both of us will find a community theater play to join.

What is your favorite candy bar?  

I am a fan of Milky Way candy bars.


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