Like a Good Neighbor, St. Norbert is There


The American Flag: a national symbol and a representation of our freedom as US citizens. But what happens when that symbol is stolen—and stolen from the home of a veteran’s son, no less? Unfortunately, one of St. Norbert College’s neighbors has had to deal with this first hand. I had the pleasure of talking with this neighbor to hear his thoughts on the matter and to see what, if anything, he would like to say to the SNC campus community.

Mr. Krueger has been a neighbor of SNC for roughly 18 years and during that time has found little to no areas for complaint. Besides the occasional beer can on his lawn and the fact that the street can occasionally get parked up, Mr. Krueger said he enjoys the St. Norbert students and the energy that the college provides. He also enjoys the fact that the SNC maintenance workers sometimes blow the snow off his sidewalk for him when clearing the sidewalks of the college-owned houses that surround him.

That changed on the eve of election night, sometime between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., when an embroidered American flag was stolen from Mr. Krueger’s property, at 904 Fourth St. Upon returning home from work and discovering that his flag had been stolen, Mr. Krueger was furious. Not only does he find this extremely disrespectful because they stole one of America’s national symbols, but he was especially upset because his father is a veteran and Mr. Krueger always makes sure to have a flag flying in honor of his father and other veterans.

Mr. Krueger said that he was most distraught by the fact that the flag obviously meant nothing to the individual that took it.

“It saddens me that someone would disrespect our nation’s symbol. It’s a great symbol, but it did not mean anything to the individual.” He admits to not knowing who the culprit is, “It could very well not be a student. But my assumption is that it is, because those are the only people walking around that late at night.”

He not only took pride in his flag, he also used it as a reference point for others. When asked where he lived, Mr. Krueger used to say, “By St. Norbert College. I live on Fourth St., the one with the flag. But now I can’t say that anymore.”

Mr. Krueger has had time to think about this incident and does not resent the individual who stole his flag, because he realizes that it was a shenanigan and the perpetrator was most likely in an inebriated state. To the individual that stole the flag, Mr. Krueger hopes that they are displaying it properly.

“It is not a drape, or just a piece of property. It deserves to be displayed appropriately. Not thrown in the bushes or in a trunk,” he said.

This incident has not changed his perception of St. Norbert College or its students. Mr. Krueger went on to say “I am happy to live by SNC. Even if my flag was stolen once a year, it would be worth it, because SNC is such a positive neighbor.”

To conclude our interview Mr. Krueger had this to say, “I am a happy neighbor, but a bummed patriot.”

If you or someone you know has any information about the theft or the whereabouts of the flag, please contact Campus Safety at 920-403-3299 or



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