Alpha Xi Delta Celebrates 10 Years at St. Norbert College



Katelyn Van Buskirk: What did you do to celebrate the 10th anniversary?

 Shelby Steck: The way we decided to commemorate our 10 years of sisterhood here on the St. Norbert Campus was through a series of sisterhood events for our active members and a reunion of sorts for our alumni. Our schedule spanned two days including bowling at Ashwaubenon Lanes, a pancake breakfast, t-shirt letter making using our sorority colors of double blue and gold and tours of campus for our alumni who hadn’t been back to campus in a while. Later in the evening we had a closed Rededication ceremony to our sisterhood as the Iota Lambda chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. We finished off our celebration with a group dinner at El Presidente on Main Street! We had 10 alumni come from all different years in the sorority, including 2 founding mothers. It was a great weekend overall to honor the past of Alpha Xi Delta through our alumni, the present with the bonds between active sisters and the future through our Rededication ceremony. We were also so happy to be able to recognize our advisor Chris Betcher for her dedication to Alpha Xi Delta for the past ten years and the love and encouragement she gives each one of us.

KVB: What does Alpha Xi Delta mean to you?

 SS: Alpha Xi Delta has changed me in so many wonderful ways. From the constant love and support of my sisters. Before I joined a sorority, I always thought the term “sister” was really funny because I always thought “they aren’t related to me,” but as cheesy as it sounds the term grew in meaning as soon as I joined Alpha Xi Delta. There isn’t really a word for someone who is your best friend, mom and has shared values with you all wrapped up into one….so as I see it that is what each one of my 36 sisters are to me. Alpha Xi Delta encourages each one of it’s members to “Realize Our Potential” in all aspects of our life. I am so proud to be a part of an organization that prides itself on helping each one of it’s members become the person they always wished they could be and achieve all the things that were just a distant daydream. Each one of my sisters has helped me become a better student, a bigger dreamer and a stronger leader.

KVB: What is your sorority’s philanthropy and what does it mean to you?

SS: It is no secret that the St. Norbert Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta is dedicated to our Philanthropy and are annually recognized by Alpha Xi Delta Nationals. For most of my sisters, myself included, Autism Speaks is no ordinary Philanthropy. Autism has touched many people’s lives in such a real way and we are so honored to represent them! Autism Speaks raises awareness about Autism so it is no longer something that people see as different or weird, but helps the general public understand the reality of Autism. Autism Speaks also works to advocate for people who are affected by Autism.  Throughout our 10 years on campus Alpha Xi Delta Nationals changed to recognizing Autism Speaks as our National Philanthropy, as Autism Speaks was established in 2005. We (the St. Norbert Chapter) have welcomed this change with open arms and I am so glad that we can be a part of the national movement to spread awareness and advocacy for Autism.


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