Faith In Humanity – Restored


A father was left to care for his newborn quadruplets, alone, when his wife died of extreme blood loss after delivering the babies via Cesarean Section. After the entire family realized it would be difficult to raise four children on one parent’s income, a friend of the family turned to the website “GoFundMe.”

This website allows individuals to explain their situation and have a goal amount of money to raise. Strangers from around the world are able to donate money towards this goal. As of the time of writing of this article, “GoFundMe” has raised $433,901 for 12,014 people in two months. Strangers donate $10 here, $100 there with no expectation for a return on their investment; they just want to help a stranger in need.

I wish we would hear more about these stories in the daily news than the stories about death, shootings or war. Being informed about what is going on in the world is important and, sadly, most of that includes the more brutal, bloody stories. Even with the spread of these stories, there is still hope and love in the world. Sadly, these stories seem to be less sensational than the stories that involve a gruesome murder.

There are websites and news sources that do discuss much more positive news, but these are few and far between. I would like to see a headlining story about the love one human being has for another even though they are complete strangers or how people respect others because we are all human. Yes, this sounds like I’m living in “La-La land” with these desires, but right now I feel like I’m living in a “Grand Theft Auto” video game where all I see are guns and death.

Another story that has been making its way around the Internet concerns a waitress who received a $36 tip. Although this is a nice tip, it does not seem outright crazy or extremely generous. The reason for the spread of this story was because of the note left on the receipt reading “Today is my brothers b-day. He would have been 36 today. Every year I go eat his favorite meal (hot dogs) and tip the waitress his age. Happy B-day Wes.”

The meaning behind the gesture made the tip that much more impactful. This stranger not only wanted to do something for his brother but wanted to spread his kindness to a stranger as well. I wish we could hear of these stories all over the news.

As naïve as this may be, I want to believe our society is inherently good. I think these small stories we hear about at the end of the news hour or see on our Facebook news feed, the ones where strangers recognize the dignity and respect others deserve, where people give, not for reward, but for the happiness of another are the true core of our society.

We all see people struggle and my hope is that most of us try in our own way to ease that struggle. We all have been in low places in our life and hopefully, when we have finally overcome these struggles we can then help those who are in the midst of overcoming these hardships. We are all human; no one is above helping. Even if the people you help are mean or ungrateful, you still may have lessened their pain in some unknown way. If you aren’t able to help out in some grand way, even just a smile can change someone’s entire day. Try it out some time: you just might change the world.


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