Female-fronted Rock Bands


In celebration of the upcoming release of Halestorm’s third studio album “Into the Wild Life” (April 14), let’s take a look at some of the best female-fronted rock acts.

Halestorm: If you prefer your rock HARDCORE, then this Pennsylvania hard rock quartet will fulfill your appetite. Formed in 1997 by siblings Lzzy (lead vocalist and guitarist) and Arejay Hale, the band is well known for their near non-stop touring, often performing as many as 250 shows a year (Yikes!). Their studio albums are nice slabs of hard rock but their live performances are where it’s at, so let “Live in Philly 2010” be your introduction.

Recommended Tracks: “I Miss the Misery,” “I Get Off,” “Amen”


Evanscence: Coming late into the rap-rock/nu-metal craze of the early 2000s (early Linkin Park), this symphonic “Type O Negative”-influenced goth rock outfit exploded into the mainstream with their single “Bring Me to Life.” However, it’s “My Immortal” that truly showcased Amy Lee’s stunning operatic vocal talent that continues to be critical to Evanscence’s sound. Their debut, “Fallen,” is one of the best selling albums of the past 10 years (17 million copies).

Recommended Tracks: “My Immortal,” “My Heart is Broken,” “Call Me When You’re Sober”


Paramore: Formed in 2004, the Tennessee pop/punk outfit have consistently released hard-rocking but catchy emo rock that avoids sounding whiny or bratty. The feisty, versatile vocals of the orange-haired Hayley Williams, the band’s main songwriter, certainly doesn’t hurt matters. With their recent self-titled effort displaying more mature songwriting and experimentation, Williams and company are going to be around for quite a while.

Recommended Tracks: “Ain’t It Fun,” “Ignorance,” “Misery Business”


The Runaways: Together for only 4 years (1975-1979), the original all-female hard rock outfit delivered uncompromising punk energy that still resonates even today. Not only did they pave the way for the success of other female artists and bands such as The Go-Go’s and L7, but both guitarist Lita Ford and Joan Jett went on to have very successful solo careers.

Recommended Tracks: “Cherry Bomb,” “Hollywood,” “Queens of Noise”


L7: Recently reuniting last year, the Los Angeles all-female rock group was a key influence to the riot grrrl bands of the 90s. Their music is a glorious fusion of heavy metal, punk rock and grunge (90s rock music always had the sweetest guitar tones). Their biggest hit was the punk-anthem “Pretend We’re Dead.”

Recommended Tracks: “Pretend We’re Dead,” “Fast and Frightening,” “Andres”


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