Good Eats: Cafeteria Suggestions From the St. Norbert Student Body


Most of the student body looks at the cafeteria with a certain kind of fondness and holds Ruth’s in a special place in their heart (I know I do). They are not wrong to do so—the St. Norbert cafeteria has consistently been ranked highly among the nation’s college dining halls. Cappex has our cafeteria ranked at #15 on the top 25 on their 2015 Cappies Awards for best college food and Niche has us ranked #64 on the top 100 for national best campus food. It’s amazing to think that out of the thousands of colleges and universities (and dining halls on those campuses), our very own Ruth’s Marketplace has been given national recognition.

Although the SNC cafeteria staff does a wonderful job with providing the student body with countless options for meals, many students believe that some changes could be made to make Ruth’s even better than it already is. Maggie Ring ’17 brought up the idea of introducing a taco/nacho bar or having Mexican-style ingredients readily available at the deli station for salads and quesadillas.

Another student, Paige Cegelski ’17, thought that extending breakfast hours to 10:30 a.m. and dinner until 8 p.m. would benefit the majority of students on campus: “A lot of people work in the evenings, or simply don’t want to get up before they have to for breakfast. Extending hours would be a huge asset for everyone,” Cegelski said.

Amy McBride ’17, agreed with Cegelski’s on extending cafeteria hours: “I have softball practice in the evenings and had to change my meal plan because I constantly missed dinner. Having dinner served until 8 p.m. would be a huge improvement and would give me another option besides Phil’s for dinner.”

My own ideas for improving the cafeteria would be to have more vegetarian options available. Although St. Norbert always has veggie burgers and chicken available, not all of these taste the best. Having more black bean burgers and natural sources of protein would be a great addition to the menu. Another addition would be to have some sort of “Wellness Weekday” station available for dinner – the custom-made, healthy meals are always delicious and it would be great if the cafeteria had them for dinner as well as lunch. Having the Wellness Weekday and omelet station served for the full breakfast hours (instead of only until 9:15 a.m.) would also be an asset to the cafeteria. Many students go to breakfast just before 10 a.m. classes and are disappointed upon realizing that half of the breakfast options are no longer being served.

Despite these suggestions, I’d like to give a shout-out to the Ruth’s staff for being incredibly kind and always providing great meals for the student body! We truly get the most of our meal plans when it comes to SNC’s dining experience.


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