“Gravity Falls” Season Two Mid-Season Review


Is this season as good as the first?

The first half of season two of Disney’s show “Gravity Falls” came to an end earlier this month with the climactic episode “Not What He Seems.” This season so far has been quite the ride for fans of the show, with heartbreaking character development, plot development and plot twists.

For those not familiar with the show, “Gravity Falls” is about twelve-year old twins Dipper and Mabel Pines, who go to stay with their Great Uncle, or “Grunkle,” Stan over the summer in Gravity Falls, Oregon. But it turns out this won’t be a normal summer, as they realize right away that things in Gravity Falls aren’t what they seem and that nobody should be trusted as they fight off psychics, monsters, time travelers and the mysterious Bill Cipher in their attempts to solve the mysteries of the town.

So far, the second season is the first season on steroids. Everything gets darker, the plot picks up and the villains get scarier. There’s also quite a bit of character development. “Blendin’s Game” brings the return of the time traveler Blendin and explores a bit of Soos’ backstory. “Sock Opera” brings the return of Bill Ciphe and develops the relationship between Dipper and Mabel more. “Northwest Mansion Noir” takes Pacifica through a lot of development, taking her from one of the least likeable characters in the show to someone who is tolerable. There are plenty of tear-jerking moments, in addition to many humorous ones. But, mainly, fans of the show are probably going to cry a bit.

The first season of “Gravity Falls” made it look like just another funny cartoon with adorable characters. This season changes everything. Now this show takes your emotions on a roller coaster while second guessing everything. That rug that might have been a slightly different color in a different episode? It’s definitely a clue! Or, at least, that’s what Alex Hirsch, the creator of “Gravity Falls,” has fans thinking. Some of the secrets of Gravity Falls were revealed, but with the midseason finale “Not What He Seems,” there are still a lot of mysteries left that fans are trying to solve.

Overall, the first half of season 2 is amazing. It takes the show in a different direction and really commits. What will happen next? It’s anyone’s guess, but the Internet is bound to have an infinite amount of theories on it.


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