Interview Corner: “The Best of Everything”


Three leading ladies give their takes on the show.

The Theatre Department will present “The Best of Everything” April 10-12 and April 16-18 in the Webb Theatre. The play tells the story of a group of secretaries in 1950s New York striving for what they call “the best of everything,” the perfect combination of a successful career and a model family. Cheyenne Andrus ’17, Sarah Conard ’18 and Samantha Kolb ’17, three actresses in the production, sat down for an interview to detail their experiences.

Have your attitudes about the play changed at all since auditions? If so, how?

Andrus, who plays Gregg Adams in the show, answered, “Character development was a huge surprise. You knew it was strong female characters, but you didn’t know how interesting they would get. We all have really big surprised in the show.”

Do you think “The Best of Everything” is an important production for audiences today? Why?

Andrus explained, “A reviewer states that ‘It’s shocking how relatable these women’s lives are.’ You think it’s just the 50s, but it’s women today, as well. It definitely opened my eyes. I notice now how I sometimes talk like the women in the play.”

Kolb stated, “With the Gloria Steinem lecture coming after our play closes, it’s incredibly relatable how women still balance their work and home lives.”

What has been the most challenging aspect of this play for you?

For Andrus, it has been the characters’ voices. “It’s not an accent; it’s a way, a method of talking. You have to give it justice. And some of us have very thick Midwestern accents. Also, my character doesn’t like to form bridges between thoughts. She’ll just say one thing and switch to something completely different.”

For Kolb, it has been lines and costume changes. “My lines aren’t monologues, but they’re fast, one after the other. I have to make sure I am keeping my lines cohesive and sounding natural. I also have seven costume changes. For one of them, I have to change outfits between the end of one scene and the very beginning of another, in which I deliver the first line.”

What is your favorite scene in the play itself?

Conard said, “The Christmas party is going to be one of our more fun scenes. Since it’s a party, there’s going to be swing dancing.”

Kolb stated, “The scene where Caroline and April meet Gregg is fantastic. That sort of female bonding and friendship really establishes each of their personalities and their goals in life.”

Andrus declared, “The scene where Caroline and Mike talk about sex without ever actually having it is hilarious.”

What has been your favorite part of participating in “The Best of Everything” overall?

Kolb said that she loved the relationships created in the course of producing any play. “You always make closer connections with people. I didn’t know Sarah and Cheyenne that well before this show and now it’s easier to walk up to and talk to them. I like the family you make in theatre and, since the college is smaller, we can still see each other after the show ends.”

Conard mentioned the bonding Kolb discussed, as well as the educational opportunities being in a play presents. “Being in ‘The Best of Everything’ has broadened my cultural and historical knowledge.”

Andrus highlighted her love of theatre. “I took a year off from theatre and I found out that I really couldn’t function without it. I just really like working and acting in theatrical productions.”

Why should SNC students and others come to see “The Best of Everything?” Will they enjoy it?

Kolb said, “It’s a fun show, kind of a dramedy. It’s not a heavy, tragic play, but it makes you think. Also, students should support the arts, of course!”


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