Knights for Life Hold Hair Drive


The St. Norbert College Knights for Life held a hair drive on Saturday, March 7, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Campus Center. Students with eight or more inches of hair were encouraged to visit the event and donate their hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Beautiful Lengths is a partnership between Pantene and the American Cancer Society. The program’s mission is “to help women grown long, strong, beautiful hair and to provide the funds to turn this hair into free, real-hair wigs for women with cancer,” according to its website.

Beautiful Lengths has donated over 24,000 real-hair wigs to the American Cancer Society’s wig banks to be distributed for free to cancer patients across the United States.

To be eligible to donate, a person’s hair must be at least eight inches long, have no recent dyes, bleaches or chemicals and consist of no more than 5 percent of gray hair. These stipulations are due to the fact that gray hair and hair with dyes, bleaches or chemicals do not accept the dyes used to create uniform wigs as easily as other hairs.

Knights for Life is a pro-life organization on campus. As expressed in its mission statement, the organization “strives to positively promote the sacred dignity of all human life, from conception to natural death. Knights for Life is founded in the belief that every human being deserves to be respected with dignity and have a chance at life.” Thus, abortion is one of many issues dealt with by Knights for Life. The dignity the organization believes each human deserves was the particular focus of their hair drive.

“The hair drive brings the pro-life movement full-circle. It’s not just about abortion. It’s about other aspects of life as well,” said Kristin Sorenson ’17, secretary of Knights for Life and organizer of the hair drive.

Two stylists from the High Street Salon in Wrightstown, Wisconsin volunteered at the event to cut the hair of those students interested in donating to the drive.

Knights for Life featured Dance Marathon, the student organization dedicated to raising awareness of and support for the Children’s Miracle Network, at the event. Members performed a dance routine to a medley of songs to officially start the event.

During the event, students also had the opportunity to make cards for the Green Bay Clinic of the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Construction paper, glue, markers and crayons were all available for students, whether or not they were donating their hair, to show their crafting skills and support children facing challenging medical conditions.

A donation box was also available for students to give money towards sending the hair to the Beautiful Lengths campaign. The box remained at the Campus Center the following week.

Overall, five students donated their hair at the hair drive, resulting in a total collection of 16 ponytails for the Beautiful Lengths program. Between eight and 15 ponytails are needed to create a full wig.

Sorensen, who donated her hair, stated, “I’ve donated two other times and each time it’s been rewarding and I know I’m helping out someone who is going through a tough time. My aunts have received wigs created from donations like these.”

Knights for Life would like to thank the stylists from the High Street Salon for donating their time and expertise to the hair drive. The organization also thanks all students who donated their hair, performed as part of Dance Marathon, made a card, contributed to the donation box and/or gave their time and talent in any other way to the hair drive.


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