What Will the Easter Bunny Bring You?


Walking down the candy aisle at Walgreens this time of year, you will find endless amounts of candy shaped like bunnies and Easter eggs. Easter is one of the best holidays for candy, because it is full of bright colors and many different types of candy that only come along once a year. Hopefully, you are able to indulge in at least one of the ten best Easter candies listed below. Whether it be in your Easter Basket or comes as you participate in an Easter Egg Hunt, Easter is a time to celebrate spring and every celebration needs sweet treats!

  1. Lindt Chocolate Carrots

This chocolate comes in a carrot package and is shaped like a such. Instead of feeling like you are cheating on your diet, eat a chocolate carrot so you can feel as though you are eating healthy, even if you are not. Chocolate that comes in a different shape always tastes better than plain old regular-shaped chocolate.

  1. SweetTarts Chicks, Ducks and Bunnies

Normal SweetTarts are alright but nothing special. However, once they turn into chicks, bunnies and ducks, they become 10 times better. Something about eating a pastel colored chick just puts you into the Easter spirit.

  1. Bubble Gum Eggs

The best part about this delicious treat is that they come in a little egg carton. The flavor of the gum doesn’t last very long, so it is very possible to eat all dozen eggs in one sitting. This is a terrific treat for the young and the old.

  1. Hershey’s Candy Coated Chocolate Eggs

There is no better combination than candy and chocolate. The candy outside adds a crunch to the already delicious chocolate. A savory treat for any Easter egg hunt.

  1. Whopper’s Robin Eggs

These can be used for many different baking treats. They are easy to eat in just one bite. This is a time when the eggs beat the original candy.

  1. Chocolate Bunnies

Chocolate always tastes better in bunny form. Whether it be marshmallow, solid or hollow, there is something very satisfying about devouring a chocolate bunny on Easter morning.

  1. Cadbury Eggs

This specialty only comes around once a year. They are filled with crème, caramel or chocolate and they are a must have every Easter.

  1. Reese’s Eggs

Nothing is more scrumptious than chocolate and peanut butter. These delightful eggs are the perfect size and they taste much better than the original.

  1. Starburst Jellybeans

Finally, a jellybean has been made where all the flavors taste good. Gone are the days of thinking the jellybean you are eating is lemon and it turns out to be popcorn. Jellybeans are one of Easter’s signature candies and Starburst does it the best.

  1. Peeps

Love them or hate them, Peeps are Easter’s best candy. Whether you make a cake out of them,

microwave them or freeze them, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Peeps.


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