To my right sits the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s wearing an old t-shirt and sweatpants that bear the name of the school we both attend. Her seemingly never-ending hair is tied up in a sloppy ponytail and her dark brown eyes appear to get increasingly tired the longer she stares into her book. She’s reading that obviously life-draining book for her class and I’m sitting here, unbeknownst to her, writing this article.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not coy enough to write this article without her knowing that she’s going to be the muse behind it. My frequent gazes at her probably gave that away before I even finished the first sentence, but subject-wise, she has no idea; I’m sure of it.

I’m sure the description that I just gave was less than flattering, but I assure you that she’s no hose beast. I’ve never been more attracted to anyone in my life and it’s been that way from the first day that I met her. I never actually thought that attraction could or would grow, but it has every day for the last eight months.

When we first met, I was immediately struck by how pretty she was and, to be honest, the only thing that would have been different about her appearance then would be that she was wearing shorts instead of pants. She’s actually wearing the same shirt that she was when we first met, which is odd, but I digress. No, to answer your question, her physical appearance hasn’t changed an ounce since I met her. Yes, I’m more attracted to her than I’ve ever been and that seems to have become a daily occurrence.

While being an externally beautiful person is a fantastic life hack, it’s not something to which most people are privileged and it often comes with a sense of entitlement the size of Kim K’s fake, fat ass. Of course not every pretty person is like that and of course it would be unfair for me to generalize, but maybe I’m not making the statement that all the physically beautiful people are shallow, but rather that they aren’t necessarily the most beautiful people in the world.

I’m not being profound, but what’s truly attractive is an open heart and a busy mind. Ignorance is repulsive. Being a brainless buffoon is a turn-off and being a lifeless, stodgy dimwit is a little more than unappealing. That’s the worst possible thing anyone could be. Seriously, what do you do all day? Do you just go home and waste precious oxygen that could be used by someone who wants to be creative or productive? Don’t you have any passions or hobbies? Don’t you like to read or write or play music or build model ships or play trivia games or do impressions or study or practice your amateur chef skills or anything? Is there nothing for which you live?

One of the reasons I find my girlfriend becoming so increasingly attractive is that I get to see every day how dedicated she is to school, even if it can be a nuisance at times. It seems like every day, I get to find something new that she’s good at or that she’d like to do. Just the other day, I found out that she had a formidable mid-range game when she was sinking 15-footers on me like she was Brandon Bass. She’s brainy, she’s inventive, she’s whimsical to the point of absurdity and, even when she thinks she is, she’s never boring.

Talent and creativity are alluring. Having passion for what you do is a turn-on. Being open and understanding to new ideas is something more beautiful than a perfectly symmetrical face or 3% body fat.

Being a looker might open up a lot of doors in life, but being a total moron will most likely shut them with just as much haste.


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