De Pere Christian Outreach Thrift Store: Catering to SNC Students


De Pere Christian Outreach thrift store is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. Profits from donations help support charities and individuals around the world in need. The store opened in 1991 with the intent of helping families in the De Pere area. With a fairly new location, the De Pere Christian Outreach thrift store is trying to cater to St. Norbert College students. Samantha Wood ’15 is passionate about what the De Pere Christian Outreach thrift store offers. Wood initially got involved with De Pere Christian Outreach from her Aging and Adulthood Psychology class, which is taught by Professor Raquel Cowell. Wood is involved in a community outreach program where she wants to not only get the community but also the students involved:

“It’s mainly older adults who come in the store and volunteer, but they are really looking for a younger audience. You would think that, because we are in college, they really wouldn’t want our age group there, but they are really looking for young people, especially St. Norbert students, to come and volunteer at the store,” said Wood.

The store offers everything from clothing and furniture to electronics.

“It is an amazing store,” said Wood. “They want to cater to us, and it is really nice that this is so close to campus.”

Last year, De Pere Christian Outreach was able to donate over $200,000 to not only people in the United States in need but also people around the world.

“Everyone at the store is really happy. There is never a frown on anyone’s face when you walk in the store,” said Wood. “Their friendliness isn’t because they’re Christian-based. It is because they really care about what they are doing. They care about helping people.”

De Pere Christian Outreach changed locations in 2014 and is now located at 506 Butler Street, about three blocks off of campus.


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