Secret Keepers: A Look at the Anonymous Social Media Presence at SNC


Anonymous pages have been growing in popularity over the last few years as social media blew up and took our generation by storm. Between Yik Yak and Facebook groups, our school has not been overlooked in this phenomenon. One of the most active anonymous pages at St. Norbert, is the St. Norbert College Confessions page on Facebook, where students (or anyone, really) can send anonymous submissions to the page and have them be posted for the public to see. With over 1,400 likes, a huge number of SNC students are able to see and have access to this anonymous group, which is not always a good thing. There have been many instances where slanderous, even racist, comments have been posted (but were fortunately taken down after the SNC student backlash). With all of this in mind, I decided to send the anonymous creator a message to see if we could learn anything about them and why he or she decided to make a confessions page for the St. Norbert community.

What inspired you to make this page?

I was hanging out with some friends at UW-Green Bay and they showed me their university’s confession site and encouraged me to start one here. Out of boredom, they helped me start one and within an hour we had over 200 likes. People would then start commenting and we had ourselves a page! I am the only one who runs it though, as of right now.


What “confessions” do you publish and what sort of ones do you hold back on?

I publish any confession that is funny or unusual, may it be some crazy night a student had, or even just a confession about how one person finds another attractive. I do however refrain from posting offensive and/or rude confessions, as to not hurt anybody’s feelings or get people into trouble.


Do you fear any kind of legal trouble stemming from the page?

Freedom of speech- I don’t come up with this stuff, I just expose what people are really feeling and what they are too afraid to tell anyone. St. Norbert College Confessions is not affiliated with the college. I merely make public the thoughts of others. People should not be upset with the page but should rather look at the real problem facing the community surrounding SNC. For example, I’ve received a confession about placing a smoothie maker in Phil’s. I for one would enjoy a tasty fruity beverage when I happen to be at the Campus Center. People need to be more optimistic. We get a lot of supporting confessions too for people who feel stressed and alone. The wonderful thing about St. Norbert College Confessions is that people can bring up feelings that they do not feel comfortable bringing up to others and gain advice from those who went or are going through the same thing. I don’t understand how people could be upset with a page that gives that much support for their fellow community.


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