Senior Art Exhibit


Come see the artistic contributions of SNC talented senior art students

Opening on April. 7 and continuing until May 8, the annual Senior Art Exhibit will be held in all the galleries at the Bush Art Center. The galleries will be open to both students and faculty from Mon.-Fri. at 9 a.m.–3 p.m. (There is no cost of admission). The exhibition features an incredible culmination of art courtesy of SNC’s wickedly talented senior art students.

The galleries feature fascinating and unique art pieces from Stephanie Brandt ’15, Nick Jacobs ’15, Madelaine Cremar ’15, Lizzy Ziemer’15, Brittany McDonough’15, Danielle DeJardin ’15, Ashley Bondarowicz’15 and Ben Erickson ’15.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the exhibit is reading the artists’ statements that go along with each section of the gallery, giving the viewer an insight into the mind and workings of the creators. One example is McDonough, who details her love for video games and life-long fascination with nature as the key inspirations behind her work. The video game love is apparent in the “Skyrim”-inspired cardboard “battlemage” armor while the “Spirit of the Wild” piece displays a gorgeous lithograph of a fire-colored wolf silhouette and a Native American warrior.

Another example is Lizzy Ziemer’s portion of the exhibit, which exquisitely displayed her fascination with patterns and texture, along with making use of an assortment of scrapped woods to make unique pieces of art. These particular pieces of art are wooden boxes that are made out of leftover wood scrapes from other projects. The irregularities of each scrap’s length and width give an adventurous texture, especially in Ziemer’s piece “My Rorschach Test.” Also, her collection of clay masks on display is a wonder to behold in their variety of designs and colors.

Other highlights include a detailed photography piece called “Mint” by Madeline Cremar, which gives finely detailed pictures of floss, mint toothpaste drops, and a bristle-less toothbrush. Another ultra-detailed work of art is “Milwaukee Brewers Illustrated Cleats” by Ben Erikson, which is a pair of cleats with great black-marker drawings consisting of Milwaukee Brewer iconography.

With plenty of eye-candy on display, be sure to check out this art exhibition to get a preview of the talent and creativity SNC art seniors will bring into the world.


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