The Norman Miller Center Hosts Panel on ‘The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’


On Tuesday, March 31 a panel met in Fort Howard Theater to talk about a current and popular topic circulating the world: the disputed land between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The Norman Miller Center for Peace, Justice and Public Understanding hosted the panel, titled “Disputed Land, Common Ground: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” with the intent of having a provocative discussion with experienced panelists exploring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its prospect for peace.

The panelists included: Robert Kramer, professor of history at St. Norbert College, Ali R. Abootalebi, associate professor of political science at UW-Eau Claire and Fouad Alkhouri, a St. Norbert College intern at the Norman Miller Center.

All three panelists introduced themselves and gave a bit of a background on their relations with this area of the world. Fouad Akhouri is an international student at St. Norbert. He grew up in the Gaza Strip. Both Kramer and Abootalebi are professors that speak frequently on this topic. During the presentation, many questions were asked of the panelists that were left open-ended for them to discuss between the three of them.

Many of these questions had to do with whether or not they believed that peace or a two-state system would be possible in the future. There were a variety of answers, many of which differed between what they hoped would happen and what would more realistically happen in the future.

One of the biggest points that the panelists continued to make was that this conflict would not be able to be solved overnight. Even at this panel discussion, they were not hoping for a solution to arise but rather for more of an understanding for the general public to think and learn about as this conflict continues.


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