Graduating…Now What?


With the end of the year approaching, the pressure is on for seniors to be looking for work. Many seniors in a variety of majors are also attending graduate school. The St. Norbert Office of Admissions claims that 92 percent of the students who graduate St. Norbert will attend graduate school or are employed within nine months of graduation.

Senior Dan Sisler ’15 is planning on attending graduate school this fall.

“I am a Biology major now, but originally I came in pre-med. After that, things kind of changed,” Sisler said. “I took a class called genetics and I got really interested in cancer. I am attending graduate school and will be getting a Ph.D. in Biology.”

Sisler will be attending the University of Colorado: Denver in the fall. Sisler originally got interested in cancer because a friend of his had Leukemia growing up.

Ryan Kaltenmark ’15 is a Communications major and still has a few options for after graduation.

“I want to be a football coach, because I have a passion for coaching and I want to pass down the things I’ve learned through football to other athletes,” Kaltlenmark stated. “I also have applied to several universities to be a graduate assistant and I am still waiting to hear back. If I do not go to graduate school, or get a job as a football coach right out of school, I have a sales internship lined up for the summer in Chicago.”

Kaitlyn Miller ’15 is a double major in Religious Studies and Peace and Justice.

Miller said, “I’m looking to get a job in fundraising in Chicago. I am from the suburbs of Chicago. I’ve had a few internships in fundraising and it’s a good way to utilize my passions and skills.”

Miller hopes to have a job upon graduation.

Shannon Alex ’15 is a Communication major originally from Brookfield.

Alex stated, “ I am going to be a transportation planning specialist at Georgia Pacific in Green Bay. Living in Green Bay was not my first choice, but I am happy to have a job and a fresh start.”

I asked several other seniors for plans after graduation and many did not have any. Many have applied for several jobs but still haven’t heard back from these possible employers. Hopefully, St. Norbert keeps up its 92 percent statistic this year.


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