Junk Drawer 2: Reboots We Want to See


Kyle: “Dragon Ball”

If there were a series I would want rebooted, it would be the original “Dragon Ball” manga by Akira Toriyama. When most people hear “Dragon Ball,” they think of “Dragon Ball Z” without realizing that there was a whole series before that one. Rather than being primarily an action-series like its sequel, “Dragon Ball” is mostly a comedy about young Goku’s antics with the weird people that inhabit its world and his confusion over things like “girls” and “cars.” The series’ humor went away with “Dragon Ball Z,” and I wish that there were a new series to return to the series’ roots.

Colin: “Jak and Daxter”

Yeah, this platformer from the PlayStation 2 era was probably a bit hit or miss for most—the “Daxter” part probably being the most divisive element of the series. Still, personally I enjoyed the cast, the gameplay had large variety ranging from platforming, shooter, puzzles, racing and fighter plane and each installment generally feels cohesive. Unfortunately, as Naughty Dog has moved on to “Uncharted” and “The Last of Us,” they had to hand off the final installment to someone else and the results were . . . less than great (gameplay-wise, yes; story-wise, it was weak). With Naughty Dog always claiming that the franchise is never far from their minds and their concept art for a possible reboot floating around, I could not wait for it. So long as the main duo’s bromance is there, I would be willing to see them go wherever Naughty Dog feels they have to in order to make the new installment happen.

Alex: “The Twilight Zone”

“The Twilight Zone” has always enthralled and slightly disturbed me, as it has numerous fans since its creation in 1959. The iconic television show delivered engrossing and, often, thought provoking stories that resonate with viewers today as much as with audiences 50 years ago. A 1983 movie based on the series, however, failed to garner much praise or enduring attention. I would love to see the show return to the big and/or small screens and give us another portal to that dimension of sight, sound, mind, substance and shadow known as . . . “The Twilight Zone.”

Chris: “The Super Dimension Fortress Macross”

Later adapted in America as the first saga of “Robotech,” this iconic 1982 sci-fi anime epic series depicts the first human-alien war and features a city-sized transforming spaceship. The show contains an appealing mix of grand space battles, pop songs and a love triangle, and this series is long overdue for a “Sailor Moon Crystal”-esque revamp. Stuff like the super-dated low-budget 80s animation, sometimes messy plotting and drawn-out love triangle can mostly be attributed to the show’s turbulent production history. The show already contains great characters, delightfully grand ambition, intriguing concepts and a balanced depiction of warfare; if updated modern animation, more defined character arcs and refined pacing were added, then the show would be gold.

Anastasia: “The Event”

This show got one season on NBC back in 2010, and anyone who’s seen an episode can probably figure out why it didn’t get picked up for another season. I think a reboot will give the show a chance to smooth out the plot and better the characters. If a reboot can manage that (while hopefully keeping the aspects the show did well), then I think the show would be successful on its second run.


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