Universes Collide This Spring at Marvel and DC


Marvel’s “Secret Wars” and DC’s “Convergence” events kick off

Who here has heard of Multiverse theory? Well, comics took the idea of parallel “what if” dimensions and ran with it like the Flash. Over the decades of comic lore, there have been countless stories told in these alternative dimensions and this spring, through deliberate marketing or sheer coincidence akin to Pixar and Dreamworks films having similar subject matter, these dimensions are going to clash in DC Comics’ “Convergence” and Marvel’s “Secret Wars.”

“Convergence” picks up after DC’s year-long weekly series “Future’s End” and their 26-issue long weekly “Earth 2: World’s End.” “Earth 2” followed a new cast of heroes in the familiar roles of Batman, Green Lantern, the Flash and so on as they struggle to rebuild their damaged world, only to have to fight for their very survival against the invading forces of the god, Darkseid, and his minions. “Future’s End,” on the other hand, focused on Terry McGinnis, the future Batman, as he goes back in time to try and prevent an evil A.I. named Brother Eye from With the defeat of Brainiac, he whocaptured cities and beings from other dimensions and in an attempt to collect them, these isolated worlds are colliding, including the universe from before the New 52!

“Convergence” began this month and is comprised of an eight-issue long series and two-issue long tie-ins that are due to come out in April and May while DC moves its headquarters to Calif.

Marvel, on the other hand, has been prepping a return to their 1984 hit and epic crossover, “Secret Wars,” for quite some time and, while it’s complicated, the gist is that the parallel dimensions have been colliding together and Marvel’s best and brightest tried to figure out who was behind it and how to stop it. They failed. Now the dimensions have collided into one big Battleworld, with each dimension having its own country. The “Secret Wars” main series is also eight issues, while two anthologies will also be printed. Still, many of the new series are new, standalone concepts (Marvel heroes in a Western, a land where everyone needs to wear armor and more) and are therefore much more accessible than DC’s “Convergence” event or likely even the main “Secret Wars” series itself.

“Secret Wars” kicks off in May so check your local comic shop, Powers Comics by Target, for more details.


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