37th Annual Norbertine Leadership and Service Awards


The 37th annual Norbertine Leadership and Service Awards ceremony took place on Saturday, April 25. It was held in Michels Ballroom and hosted by the Division of Mission and Student Affairs.

At the awards ceremony, students, faculty, staff, student organizations and internship sites were honored for their service and leadership within the St. Norbert College community.

After a welcome given by Reed Colling ’15 and the invocation given by the Rev. Dr. Jay Fostner, O.Praem, emcees Dr. Eric High and Mr. William Falk started the ceremony, with the student awards presented first.

The first awards given were the Exemplary Leadership Awards, given to students who are highly involved in campus and community service. All of these seniors also received Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges awards. The student recipients of this award from the class of 2015 were: Alexander Clemetson, Reed Colling, Tara Cunningham, Akeem Edmonds, Ryan Engesser, Sara Hafenbreadl, Malorie Imhoff, Logan Jadin, Alexander Kaminski, Rebecca Liming, Anna Miller, Kaitlyn Miller, Connor Romenesko, Jocelyn Russel, Marisa Strothenke, Taylor Zilch and Gabby Zewdu-Habte.

ELA winners from the class of 2016 were: Caitlin Green, Gregory Grohman, Adam LaLuzerne, Hannah Kestly, Quincy Kissack, Maureen Koets, Nathan Ruechel, Marco Rodriguez, Brittani Seidel, Corinne Stingl, Gretchen Stutz, Olivia Tarlton, Emily Vetter, Colton Wiesner and Becky Wood.

From the class of 2017: Fouad AlKouri, Melissa Ballestad, Savannah Boersma, Mercedes Diaz Gracida, Lydia Dorn, Nora Eckert, Elizabeth Heckenlaible, Meghan McGorey, Haley Nett, Stephanie Nicoson, Scarlett Pisarek, Jennifer Roberts, Maria Sauer, Rachel Schulteis, Megan Steiner and Nicole Zellner.

From the class of 2018: Marissa Elliott and Aaron Waldoch.

Next were the Awards of Distinction, which recognize overall contribution to St. Norbert College. Corrine Stingl ’16 received the Albert W. Ashmore and Ernest G. Harvey Memorial Scholarship. Gabby Zewdu-Habte ’15 received the Ethel D. Augustine Memorial Fund Award. Lexy Kaminski ’17 received the Tricia Gaughan Memorial Scholarship. Maggie McConnaha ’18 received the Golden Family Scholarship Award. Morgan Lanahan ’17 and Colton Wiesner ’16 received the Fr. Gene Gries Endowed Student Life Scholarship. Rebecca Liming ’15 received the Donald and Judy Henrickson Family Outreach Award. Gretchen Stutz ’16 received the Class of ’89 Leadership in Action Scholarship. Brenna Rathsack ’16 received the Harry Maier Community Service Scholarship. Lauren Pavlik ’17 and Tyler Hacker ’16 received the Mel Nicks Award. Maria Howe ’15 received the Richard C. Rankin Legacy Award. Erin Knipp ’16 and Brianna Jilek ’16 received the Rath Distinguished Merit Scholarship. Jasmine Gordon ’17 received the Sally Thompson Endowed Scholarship. Marisa Strothenke ’15 received the Cassandra Voss Leadership Award.

Following this, several other awards were given out, including the William E. Dargan Fellowship Award, the Newman Civic Fellow Leadership Award, Career Services Internship Awards, Student Organization Awards and Student Organization Advisor of the Year Award.

New to this year’s ceremony were also the Greek Man and Woman of the Year Awards. The recipients were Sam Morris ’15 and Morgan Schell ’15.

To end the ceremony, the Beloved Community Social Justice Award and Educator of the Year Awards were given out. This year’s recipients of the Beloved Award were Mr. Daniel Reginald S. Kim for faculty/staff, and Gabby Zewdu-Habte for students. Educator of the Year went to Jill Weisman for staff and Dr. Zachary Pratt for faculty.

The ceremony concluded with a reception, pictures and hors d’oeuvres in Michels Ballroom.


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