Correction: “Norbertine Nuns Go National”

In the issue of the St. Norbert Times for April 13, I wrote an article on the Norbertine nuns of the Bethlehem Priory of St. Joseph in Tehachapi, California, entitled “Norbertine Nuns Go National.” Unfortunately, this article contained erroneous information.

Contrary to the article’s statement, the Norbertine canonesses have not yet obtained the Grade A dairy license as the milking parlor modifications are still ongoing at the site. The nuns do not sell, and have never sold their cheeses/dairy; the cheese sent to St. Norbert Abbey was a gift for their long-standing support of the canonesses.

These errors were in no part due to the Norbertine canonesses of Tehachapi, but rather originated in my unchecked assumptions. I apologize for the misinformation and for any confusion I may have caused to the campus community and to the community of Tehachapi.


Alex Gruber


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