Finals Week: Five Days Fraught with Fear


“You’re weird,” says each of my friends, ever, when I tell them that Finals Week is my favorite time of the semester. In reality, that quote may not be entirely accurate, but as the ever-eloquent Amy Mrotek, the supreme sage of all things wise and true, so kindly pointed out in her article from last issue, I can’t actually put in an exact quote due to the explicit nature of the language.

Finals week has never bothered me. If you want me to be honest, I enjoy it. If you want me to be completely honest, it’s the single-best time of every semester.

I understand why people hate it. A lot of people get a bit anxious around test time and Finals Week is full of everything they loathe. Finals Week is the last hurdle to a summer of quasi-freedom and a respite from mental anguish. You have to study for hours a day, sometimes cramming late into the night to figure out what you need to know for the two-hour exam that awaits you on an old desk in Boyle at 8:15 am. I get that, I really do. But I don’t agree with you.

Finals Week is the cake-walk of a semester’s worth of work. If you’ve paid attention at all in class, you probably already know most of what you’re going to be tested on, and, while I understand that you may fear that you’ll miss something, if you’ve forgotten about it, chances are that it probably won’t be an essay question on a test.

The amount of stress that most people drag around with them during Finals Week has always seemed like overkill to me. You have, at most, four tests or papers. Other than the maximum of eight hours you’ll spend taking those exams, you can spend every other hour of that preparing for an exam, sleeping, eating or taking study breaks by doing something that you actually enjoy.

Four exams are all that stand between you and a three-month reprieve from the treacherous life of a college student; two more weeks of concentration and you can put your brain on cruise control. To everyone who has to take a final exam, and to all of the seniors who are graduating this semester, I sincerely wish you all good luck. For all of the stress that comes with Finals Week, you deserve every ounce of success you achieve.


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