Senior Reflection: Colin Herzog


I confess, I was a little late joining the paper my freshman year. Probably my earliest memory of getting involved was meeting my friend’s roommate, who was a writer for the Entertainment Section and reviewing the film “Contagion.” Honestly, I had always been interested in the Entertainment Section, as I loved film and television even back then, and so that was what I wanted to write. My first review was the “Psych” season six premiere—I like to think I’ve improved a lot since that time, but I still remember watching the episode—“Shawn Rescues Darth Vader”—in my friend’s dorm room, with a pen in hand and a filled notebook page in the other. Since then, I performed a coup d’état and took the section for my own by the end of the year—and by that, I mean that I was the only one who volunteered to fill in the editor spot after our editor went on to be Editor-in-Chief, a position I avoided like the plague later on.

Still, I’ll never forget how much I would learn as head of the greatest section of the paper. Writing calendars, assigning articles, critiquing style and article topics: they all forced me to up my game. I learned more about writing telling people what not to do than I did just by writing reviews. At the same time, the practice helped me manage the student magazine, Graphos, which I was also doing at that time. Time management aside, these two groups more than any class I have taken here have taught me how to work as a team to achieve an amazing end result.

Trusting staff to get their pieces done, trusting their expertise to bring exciting new ideas to the table and appealing to demographics or subjects I never would have considered on my own. Our meetings were some the highlights of the week, as we joked around a lot. While there were bumps along the way, staff members that forced me to exercise the more unpleasant parts of the job and show me that sometimes there is a point that someone needs to walk away and move on to brighter things, this has become one of my favorite groups to work with, and these staff members are some of the most competent I have had the pleasure of collaborating with as we worked to take the section digital.

Because of that synergy, we were able to create and consistently update an Entertainment Podcast that I’m sure some of you are familiar with—Beyond the Issue. I greatly enjoyed being able to actually discuss the news that we couldn’t find time to fit into the issue, and the way that we began to make this awesome section more accessible to you guys, along with the Junk Drawer articles. Hopefully you enjoyed listening and reading these as much as we enjoyed making them. Maybe they will continue in the next semester, maybe they’ll be something completely different—it’s in the hands of the next generation of writers, and I’m so excited to see where they take it.

So Entertainment Writers, thank you for working with me and bringing your A-game; your unique perspectives were interesting, and I learned more than you can know. I’d wish you luck in the future, but somehow I doubt that you guys will need it. Thank you to our readers who enjoyed our articles over the years: I hope you found insightful reviews, interesting commentary and reporting worthy of the SNC Times.


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