Senior Reflection: Going Through


I find myself frequently reminiscing on how things could have gone. Could I have studied just a little harder? Been more outgoing? Done additional research? I find that there is a fine line between regret and contemplation, but when one looks at the struggles and mistakes that have been made, they should be paired with the successes and achievements that undoubtedly accompany them. By reevaluating with appreciation the tremendous opportunities and privileges that we all have, I feel that my, and our, adventure has only begun.

St. Norbert has awakened a certain dormancy, positively transformed my adventurous itch into something, while still seeking adventure, to one of purpose. I have found the ability to inspire myself, self-reflect and ask questions. I’d like to think that coming out of these four years, I’ve become more comfortable with pushing the boundaries and contemplating without regretting, dreaming without fearing.

Before coming to St. Norbert, my mentality was focused on what to accomplish for my college application and what to become involved in so that I would be more appealing to prospective universities. Four years at St. Norbert has prompted an ability to challenge ideas and previously accepted truths and societal norms into something more universal. The world has become captivatingly bigger, with more places to experience and more people to meet, so that I now feel driven to create my own path. Familiarity is overrated. Pushing the boundaries and going outside of the societal norm is far more enticing. The world is a story, and I find that we have a certain responsibility of not only discovering its chapters, but protecting what we can. Forgetting our preconceived notions while having the ability to be reflective and analyzing to our own ability is necessary, even if it means having different beliefs compared to our peers.

The professors and faculty that have taken a genuine interest and attention to my studies and success, the friends that I have made from freshman to senior year, even those who have become more distant, all of whom I have been able to engage with and have likewise have engaged with me, have revealed that each person has their own fascinating story. The ability to feel, empathize and relate to each of these individuals is what makes us not only human but also what makes us uniquely and intriguingly alive.

The impending graduation creates an ache inside me, saying goodbye to what has been familiar for four years, the comfortable places, routine schedule, friendly faces and places where memories have been created. I feel prepared to venture into the unknown, but not without a certain melancholy of what will no longer be as familiar as it is now. I will sincerely miss this school and the people who make up its beauty, but I also look forward to what adventures lie ahead. While nobody knows life’s blueprint, I’m attracted to the adventure that we are about to embark on and to ride both the challenges and moments of success that will undoubtedly come.


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