Senior Reflection: Jonathan Sullivan

Senior Reflection


With graduation only a week away, I can say that time always seems to move faster each year. It almost seems like I have just graduated high school and am getting ready to head to college. I still remember how my original plan to attend UW-Madison in order to become a veterinarian was thrown out due to a missed application deadline, and how a letter from St. Norbert College promising scholarships and no application fees was all that it took for me to head off to a school that I had never heard of before. By the time I was visiting the campus for orientation, my area of study had also changed, and I ended up pursuing a major in computer science. This change in the field of study was all the work of a single class in high school in which we spent three weeks working on programming a small robot.

The biggest surprise to me is all that I have accomplished in what I perceive to have been a relatively short time. I have spent the last four years among the staff of the St. Norbert Times, three-and-a-half of which I have been the photography editor. While the position does require me to take photos and attend weekly meetings, it has also allowed me to attend many events that I would not have otherwise attended. I also started practicing Aikido in my freshman year as well. While I do require much more practice, I have learned much and have even advanced to a rank of third kyu, which is marked with a purple belt. My Japanese skills were also drastically improved. Before college I was able to say about 25 words, now I do not even want to count the number of words that I know and am able to hold small conversations. I was even able to enter Phi Sigma Iota, which is the National Language Honor Society. I was also lucky enough to gain the ability to type one-handed and without looking at the keyboard as a reward for breaking my arm. It is, after all, difficult to get out of typing when your major revolves around the use of a computer.

In my third year I joined BIG and was given the name Neander. If given the chance, I would definitely join earlier, since joining BIG was one of the best choices that I have made in the past four years. Since I have joined, I have found that the group is much more than it seems on the outside and has given me the opportunity to make many good friends. I would recommend joining a social group, since they are a great way to friends and can make college life much more interesting.

For now, my future goals are simple. I plan on eventually going to Japan, as well as paying off all of my loans. For now, though, I should focus mainly on finding a job, especially since it is needed before I can accomplish any other goals.


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