Senior Reflection: Kyle Van Den Heuvel


When I look back at my time as an Entertainment Writer for the St. Norbert Times, I feel that this experience really helped me academically, as well as gave me a great sense of accomplishment. My Computer Science and Economics major mix did not give me a chance to write a whole lot, so I feel this position honed my writing skills for when they were required in other classes. Many of the writing tips I use for essays are ones that I picked up writing for the St. Norbert Times.

Writing for the Entertainment section did give me a great amount of satisfaction, as I was able to fill a niche that I felt readers might appreciate. Writing about the more obscure stuff let me not only work on expanding my own tastes but hopefully the tastes of the readers, too. One of the first articles I remember writing was covering the first season of “House of Cards,” and, when I wrote that article, I had no idea that it would take off as well as it did. I also liked promoting lesser-known things like “Jazzpunk”, “3D Fantasy Zone II W” and “Ashens and the Quest for the Game Child.”

I think that what made writing for the paper even more rewarding was seeing people reading the paper and finding the articles I wrote interesting to read. I feel like I write not only as a way of self-expression, but I also genuinely like helping people find stuff they like or get more information about things they might have already known. I remember having a teacher I once had here walk up to me and tell me how much he liked my tribute article for Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream and felt that it was a nice way to connect to people that I otherwise not have known about.

One of the coolest experiences I had working for the Entertainment session was starting up our section’s podcast and being one of the first sections to do something of that sort. Working with a new medium like that is interesting, and it was neat to be able to actually talk about the things I would write about rather than just have them be in words. It feels so much better to be able to get a sense what the person feels about a topic when they can talk about it with passion and emotion rather than just coldly reading about it on paper. It also gave us, as a section, a chance to bring character to the people whose voices you would not be able to hear with just print and allow the readers to know the writers better. The banter between each of the writers also gave a nice cohesion to the section that, even though we have our own niches as writers, that we all have our own viewpoints that we can use to better discuss topics.

I feel like I’m going to miss writing for the Times, as it gave me something to look forward to every two weeks. I feel that writing for the St. Norbert Times will be an experience that will be hard to replicate. I hope that all the people who read not only my articles but the people who read the Entertainment section as a whole enjoyed my articles, as I most certainly enjoyed writing them.


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