Senior Reflection: What I’ve Learned


In lieu of writing all my feelings about this newspaper and college (that could be a solid 10-pager), I’ve written a list of the most important things I learned at St. Norbert College. Not because I think I’m some kind of sage, but rather in the hopes that this messy collection of knowledge might help someone else someday. Here it goes!

  1. In honor of my hero, Leslie Knope: ask for forgiveness, not permission. Don’t be afraid to critique and combat racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. on this campus. It’s real, it’s awful and it needs to be changed. If you are into pushing the boundaries at this school, you will charge ahead, Vagina Monologues in hand.
  2. But on that same note, don’t burn bridges. I’ve made this mistake way too many times, and it has never worked out in my favor. Whoops.
  3. Not everyone has your best interest in mind. Part of growing up is being your own advocate and demanding a base level of respect from everyone you encounter. “No” is a powerful word.
  4. Be honest about what (and who) makes you happy. Keep track of what excites you—this could be the path to your vocation.
  5. Take a religious studies class with Dr. Bolin.
  6. Learn to love the feeling of being with yourself. Love your own silence—this is a powerful and useful tool.
  7. You can enjoy scholarship and enjoy alcohol. You can fight for social justice and take a day off now and then. You don’t have to settle for one version of yourself. Nor should you feel guilty about living out who you are.
  8. College and life is pointless without the people you love. Find those few, special people who really get your stupid jokes and put up with your insanity. Hold on to them, prioritize their happiness and say sorry. Preschool rules reign for life.

It’s been a privilege to write for the St. Norbert Times and to share these pages with many talented writers. Thank you to this newspaper and college for the challenges and lessons. I’m forever grateful.


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