St. Norbert to London


After finals, it will be eight months until I return to St. Norbert College. While I am absolutely thrilled, nervous and ready to study abroad in London this fall, I have reached the point where I have realized all the things I will miss about our beautiful campus while I am away. As an incoming freshman, I had no idea how much this place would transform my life and become a second home. These are the five things that I will miss the most about St. Norbert and will be thrilled to return to in January of 2016.

  1. Our small, tight-knit community. I will miss being able to walk outside and getting friendly smiles from friends or sitting in Ed’s and running into friends. I will miss the comfort and the feeling that someone that I know is always around. Friendly smiles and waves will be missed.
  2. Campus food. While most college students complain about the food that their school offers, I think we can all agree that our food is amazing. I will miss the anticipation I feel all day when the potato bowl is being served or when I get to sit down to a nice chicken tender basket at Phil’s after a long day of classes. I can honestly say I look forward to January when I can have an Oreo shake from Ed’s again.
  3. I will miss the wonderful Mulva basement and the many levels of our library. It is the perfect place to study, and I will miss having such a quality learning facility.
  4. I will miss my daily walks to class and being entertained by the squirrels. Whether I think they are going to attack me or they are ferociously climbing up a tree looking for nuts, I will miss their clever and sneaky personalities that provide daily entertainment.
  5. Roommates are the people who you can talk to about anything, go to meals with and spontaneously burst into laughter with over the countless inside jokes that you share. I will miss the ability to be around the people who I have been around constantly the past two years. I look forward to weekly Skype dates with them.

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