Student Spotlight: Lisa Kroeger

Student Spotlight: Lisa Kroeger

Grade: Junior

Major/Minor: General and Instrumental Music Education

Why did you choose SNC?

I was always visiting SNC in high school because of the many friends that went here. By the time I was a senior, SNC felt like home and there was no other option for me.


Which instrument will you be playing for the recital?


Do you play any other instruments?

My secondary instrument is bassoon and because of my instrumental major, I know the basics of every instrument. I also sing mezzo soprano in SNC Women’s Choir.

What is your favorite part about performing or working in music?

My favorite part is my professors. Every music professor is incredibly talented, and their love and drive for teaching and music makes us better musicians. I’m lucky and blessed to have such caring and loving people.

Which type/genre of music is your favorite?

My favorites are the Romantic era, specifically late Romantic and 20th century.

Which piece(s) are you performing for your recital?

I’m playing “Show Tunes” by Gary Schocker, “Danse de la Chèvre” by Arthur Honegger, “‘maya’” and “The Great Train Race” by Ian Clarke and “Sonatina for Flute and Piano” by Eldin Burton.

Which of your pieces is your favorite?

I have two favorites. The first is “‘maya’”. It’s a gorgeous piece that features two flutes and piano. I’m lucky enough to play this piece with my best friend Lauren Bendt on flute. The second is “The Great Train Race” because this piece brings out my personality and it’s a piece that you normally wouldn’t hear at a recital. It’s different, just like me.

What are your plans for after college?

I plan to teach at any school that comes my way. My preference is high school band.

How often do you practice (for the recital or in general)?

I am required to practice an hour a day, but I usually lose track of time and practice longer.

How long have you been involved in music?

Eleven years

How did you become interested/involved in music?

I started in music when I chose to learn flute in 4th grade. It has always been part of my life ever since.

What other organizations are you involved in at St. Norbert College?

I have been light designer for Knight Theatre for the past two years. I am also the ushering coordinator for the SNC chapter of the National Association of Music Educators (NAfME).

Why do you think SNC students and others should come and watch student recitals?

I think that recitals and music concerts need people to come to stay alive and funded in the school systems. It’s just like sports teams. People go to sports games to see all the hard work that the athletes put in to perform. Same goes for music.


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