The New Housing Process: Hit or Miss?


With the end of the semester shining its bright rays of sunlight on the students of St. Norbert College, so comes the arduous process of filling out housing applications. As many students have probably noticed, with this new semester came a new registration process.

While the policies and procedures have remained generally similar to those in the past, the application and selection process has become drastically different.

According to Mike Peckham, the Director of Housing Operations, “REH purchased a new housing software system to assist housing operations in many different ways.”

When asked why, several reasons were listed, with the primary being that this would provide an opportunity for students to select their own housing, which, as history had indicated, is what students have preferred.

Peckham had also indicated that the system, while it is still enduring some growing pains, has been successful, acknowledging that next year’s incoming freshman have been using this software since fall semester and that they will be the first class to handpick their potential roommates.

While rumors floated around about this housing system being a massive flub, Peckham was quick to correct any mistaken thinking with the facts, primarily addressing the apparent senior-junior/senior-senior housing dilemma.

He indicated that no senior-junior groups had been released off-campus, and said “The way in which housing class standing has been defined was the same this year as it was last year…I think that the lottery dates/times issue created the perception that many senior-junior groups were able to select housing ahead of all senior groups. ‘Housing class’ is different than what the Registrar’s Office shows in a student’s Knightline account.”

“Housing class standing uses a student’s class standing for the next academic year…during the application process. The Registrar’s Office will not update a student’s class standing until after the spring 2015 semester has been completed,” said Peckham.


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