Washington Semester is for Students Who Want Real Work Experience


While the study-abroad program is often promoted here at St. Norbert, another program hosted by SNC is the Washington Semester, located in Washington, D.C. Students have the opportunity to study at either American University or The Washington Media Institute. The Washington Media Institute is a unique program where an internship is selected for you and you work 32 hours per week while going to class and taking 14 credits. The Washington Media Institute has offered high-profile internships.

Bryant McCray ’16 studied at WMI in the fall of 2014.

“I’ve had several internships before, like at NBC26 here in Green Bay, and also starting Knight Talk here at St. Norbert, and I thought I knew everything,” said McCray. “When I got to D.C., my mind was blown, almost. I learned I was just a small fish in a big pond there, and that was very enlightening.”

All coursework is approved and part of the Communication & Media Studies curriculum at SNC. Students then work four days a week in their internship placement. WMI works with you to find a placement that best suits your interests and goals.

At American University, a student will spend a semester studying in Washington D.C. An internship is also completed with professionals in your field of study. The prestigious school also lends the opportunity to network with professionals in your future career. Amanda Klitzke ’16 says the experience was the best of her life, and she cried because she couldn’t stay there.

Klitzke went on to say, “I had to opportunity to learn from extremely smart and experienced people in their fields.”

Whether a student decides to study at the Washington Media Institute or American University, this college experience gives students the opportunity to get work experience through an internship. In today’s world, experience is often required in order to obtain a job and the skills and knowledge gained during the Washington Semester will give students that highly sought-after experience.


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