A Reflection on Living on Campus over the Summer


School is back in full swing, and it is safe to say that the majority of SNC students are not too pleased to be swamped with coursework once again. Now that summer vacation has officially ended, most of us are wistfully looking back at ‘sweet summertime’ and eagerly waiting for the next break to get off campus and spend time with family and hometown friends, enjoy home-cooked meals, and most importantly, get our laundry done for free.

While most of us went back home for the summer, I spent it on campus. It’s quite strange to be on St. Norbert’s campus when school is not in session. The walkways through campus are empty, Phil’s is closed for most of the day and even the squirrels seem to quiet down. You go from seeing everyone you know on the way to class to only seeing your workmates, roommates and the occasional other person on campus. Yet, despite the solitude, something can be said for staying on campus over the summer. You start to form a bond with other students who are also living on campus. You see it slowly but surely gearing up for the upcoming school year. You can enjoy Knights on the Fox concerts, get a chance to scope out the incoming freshmen when FYE is in session and get to experience each and every part of move-in day.

One of my favorite parts of the summer (yes, St. Norbert gets quiet when everyone is home) was move-in day for both first years, and everyone else. Seeing the first years and their families moving in to Burke and Sensenbrenner Halls had me feeling incredibly nostalgic to redo the whole experience again. It was also touching to see President Kunkel himself, along with the entirety of Kunkel’s Krew, helping the freshmen move in. It was also fun to see FYE happening around me–and, subsequently, being able to spot incoming freshmen from a mile away.

Staying on campus this summer only made St. Norbert feel more like a home away from home. Campus became a touchingly familiar haven. I would find myself thinking, “I can’t wait to go home after work,” with home being my on-campus apartment. I would recommend that every St. Norbert student, if given the opportunity, should spend at least one summer living on campus, and let the place in your heart for SNC grow a little bigger.

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