Apple Brings Innovation to Consumers


Apple recently held their yearly September announcement event to showcase their new innovations to the tech world. Every year, Apple fans eagerly await this event to see what the tech giant will announce for them to spend their hard-earned cash on. This year, Apple definitely didn’t hold back and had some great announcements including the iPhone 6s, the new iPad Pro, 2nd generation Apple TV, iPad Mini 4, new phone upgrade programs and brand new iPad accessories.

The most popular Apple device, the iPhone, received a plethora of announcements, including the new iPhone 6 and 6S features and upgrades. These features begin with the new Force Touch capabilities that allow the phone to detect how hard you’re pressing on the screen. Force Touch will implement Apple’s “3D touch” feature, allowing users to dip in and out of different apps without losing their place and forgetting what they were originally doing.

These new phones will also be receiving an upgrade to their software with the new iOS 9, an amazing 12-megapixel rear iSight camera capable of shooting video in the new 4k resolution and a new A9 chip, increasing speed by up to 70 percent.

Apple is keeping their price tiers with these phones starting at $199 to $399 for the 6S and $299 to $499 for the 6S Plus, depending on your storage choice. A surprising new contract feature will also be implemented this year, allowing customers to pay for their phones without a contract for an installment fee of $27 per month or leasing an iPhone for $32 per month. Leasing an iPhone will allow customers to trade in their current iPhone for a new one every year. The iOS 9 software pre-installed on these new phones will be released for current iPhone users to download on Sept. 16.

Apples next most popular device, the iPad, was also shown at the event and is receiving two new models. The new iPad mini 4 has a new 7.9 inch display and has the power equivalent of an iPad Air 2, coming in at a price of $399.

The larger and more innovative iPad Pro was shown off to the public as well for the first time. Boasting the largest screen on an iOS device at 12.9 inches, the iPad Pro will be able to support a new full-sized virtual keyboard and will be the very first iPad to have a physical keyboard and stylus. This new $99 stylus and $169 woven “smart keyboard” will be the first time Apple has produced its own versions of these long running accessories. Both of these will be out when the iPad Pro launches in November.

Finally, a long overdue Apple TV was introduced. It will run a new software called tvOS. A handy new universal search feature will let the user search across apps such as iTunes, Hulu and Netflix and will integrate Siri’s voice search experience.

The new Apple TV is also doubling as a gaming console with games like Guitar Hero available for purchase. The Apple remote seems to have received the largest makeover. The overhauled device is a molding of a traditional remote, trackpad, motion controller and Siri hub. Now when you turn the remote sideways, you are able to use the remote as a gaming pad for the new gaming platform on the TV.

Apple’s event seemed to encompass all of the innovation for which it has always been known. Each of their key devices have been given a large amount of new updates and cool new features for fans to get their hands on. Look forward to iOS 9 Sept. 16 and all of the cool new products in the coming months.


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