Athlete Interview: Kaitlin Delahaut

Year: Senior

Major: Early Childhood Education

Hometown: Green Bay

Position in Volleyball: Setter

High School Alma Mater: Green Bay Preble

Favorite phone app: Instagram

Favorite musician/artist: Luke Bryan

Special talent: I am double-jointed in both arms and can twist them all the way around.

If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who it would be? Carrie Underwood

Favorite sports team as a kid: Dallas Cowboys

Your hero: My parents. They are the ones that I can always count on being at every one of my games whether they are at home or away. Even outside of sports, they are the ones that are there to support me 100 percent of the time and push me to be the best person I can be.

Favorite movie: The Longest Ride

Country you’d love to visit: Australia

Most memorable moment of the season or past seasons:  Beating Cornell for the conference opener. We haven’t beat them since they joined the conference in 2012. It was the perfect start to my senior year of conference play.

Motto: Have fun, play hard.

City you’d love to live in: New York

Pregame music: Anything country

Kaitlin Delahaut


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