Career Fair Weather


Despite being a senior, I attended the St. Norbert Career Fair for the first time since coming to SNC. As can be expected, I was nervous and had questions. What are the prospective employers looking for? Is my resume up to par? How on earth does one execute the perfect double Windsor? What is a double Windsor? A tie? We need to wear a tie?! While I was mostly at the fair as a student looking toward life after graduation, I was also curious about what brought these companies to St. Norbert and what they sought in a student, future employee or intern.

I began my experience with a trip to Career Services, where the talented and dedicated staff helped me get my resume in tip-top shape in less than half an hour. They had, at their disposal, helpful literature as well as a wealth of knowledge about what should be shared with employers and what should be left off of the page. After my short time in their care, I felt infinitely more prepared to pursue the careers/internships/free swag that all of the vendors bring to the event.

Upon arrival into Michels Commons I was signed in and invited into a small conference room where I was given time to prepare and run through the list of companies and their locations in the ballroom.

There was also an opportunity for students to have professional headshots taken, free of charge. While the offer was appreciated, the line was 20 students deep, so I decided to skip having my movie-star looks recorded.

Once in the ballroom, the madness that I expected was mercifully absent. The vendors were all friendly and happy to talk to anyone who stopped by, and the atmosphere was generally relaxed.

I was one of the first few students to arrive, and I took the opportunity to ask a few of the would-be employers what they were looking for in students that attend the fair. Both Carly Cuene of PMI Entertainment Group and Cari Van Doyen of Avis responded that they were most interested in the preparation of the students at the fair. Each of them commented that St. Norbert does an exceptional job of getting students ready for the event. I was also told that confidence plays a large role in how well a vendor will remember a student. Displaying healthy confidence has a positive influence on the way that the student is perceived.

While those may seem like obvious answers, it makes sense that employers are looking for students who plan ahead for these events. SNC students should be thankful for the preparation and resources that our school facilitates for us.

To everyone who attended the fair, I sincerely hope it went well. For anyone who has yet to attend, remember, there is no such thing as being too prepared.  So tie that tie, Double Windsor or knot.


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