It’s Hunting Season


It’s finally that special time of year again. Take a step outside and drink in the changes; the leaves are officially in their fall best, the air is crisp and the Packers sit at 6-0 heading into their bye week. All is right in Wisconsin—and guess what people: it’s hunting season!

According to the DNR Report from Oct. 15, the now month-old 2015 archery season has been a successful one. Now that the leaves have dropped and the rut is in full swing, the hunting should only improve. Wednesday, Oct. 21 was officially the one-month advance warning for this year’s gun season. Fortunately for you Wisconsin hunters, this season’s opening day lands on a Saturday and should provide a well-needed weekend in the woods for those of us feeling the stress of the semester. If you’re a Michigander like me, our opening day is Sunday, Oct. 15. This is unfortunate timing for those of us with a long way to travel into the U.P.!

Although it’s too late to apply now, the fall turkey season still has a month remaining and provides a prime opportunity to save your family some dinero this Thanksgiving season. Unfortunately, southern zone firearm hunters will not be able to participate in the 2015 Holiday Antlerless Deer Hunt (Dec. 24 to Jan. 1), but the entire state will be able to harvest between Dec. 10 and Dec. 13.

Just as a reminder to anyone who will be in the woods for the next two and a half months, please wear either blaze orange or some other bright color. Hunters, make sure you are absolutely positive of your target before you even think abut pulling the trigger. Last year’s reported hunting accidents were the lowest since 2009, per DNR statistics, and we should do well to beat those low numbers in 2015. So, good luck to everyone venturing into the woods this fall–hopefully, your aim is true and your venison tender!


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