Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

These past seven days, I spent over 30 hours on Facebook and Netflix. I made it through half a season of “Revenge” and a full season of “Call the Midwife.” I’m sure many Facebook friends chose to unfollow me after my series of social justice posts.

Last night my dad texted me wondering if I ever used the family Netflix account. Panicked, my fingers typed back, “Yes, I use it every day, multiple times a day.” He thought I was kidding. I assured him that sadly, this was not the case.

He told me to take another class.

If only I could.

I do not have enough to do. Since the schedule change, I lost four hours a week that used to be spent in class. My professors have cut back on the work they expect for their classes because of the lost lecture time. Hours that should be spent cramming for tests, writing papers, reading and working on group projects have been replaced with thumb twiddling and mindless staring at my computer screen.

I want to be able to take 20 credit hours without being charged $2,104.

Currently, students take four, four-credit classes to reach 16 credits. With few exceptions, such as sophomore block education students, it is almost impossible to go above this. According to the St. Norbert website, a student may take up to 18 credits without being charged extra. Beyond that, each credit costs $1,152. Overloading students are forced to pay even more than they already are for private education.

There are many reasons to get rid of this policy. One, many potential students opt to go elsewhere in the state if they choose not to come to St. Norbert. Put another way, they are going for less expensive options. How many more students might choose to come here if it was easier to graduate in four years or sooner? I would venture to guess a lot.

One worry for students with a second major or minor is that they won’t be able to schedule the required classes in order to graduate. Allowing for 20 credits (five classes) for students who want to take that many will make those programs easier to complete.

It is also completely in line with Catholic, Norbertine and liberal arts education. Allowing for an extra class opens up the possibility of taking a class outside of one’s program for pure interest. I cannot think of a better way to grow intellectually than to take something completely new.

Right now, there is an option to audit courses. Auditing means the student attends the course and completes all the work, but does not receive credit for it. This is a free way to take one extra class a semester. However, it does not count towards a degree. Does this really celebrate the student’s love of learning? Let that student take the class for credit and receive a grade that will reward the student for his or her hard work.

Students – coming in the next few weeks will be a petition to remove the charge to take 20 credits. Please sign, even if you don’t think you’ll ever take 20 credits yourself. We need to show our administration that this is something SNC students want.

Another way to do just that? Tweet at St. Norbert! Tell them why you want to be able to take 20 credits and use the hashtag #LetUsTake20.

Maggie McConnaha

Sophomore ’18


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