Meet The Greeks


As leaves begin to fall, another season is getting ready to come back to the St. Norbert campus— Recruitment Season. For many, this means nothing, but to sororities and fraternities, it is one of the most exciting times of the year: a time to meet new people, explain the importance of their chapter and add new members to their organization.

“Greek Life offers opportunities for leadership, service and lasting connections,” said Cristi Burrill, Greek Life adviser at St. Norbert.

Sororities and Fraternities hold recruitment in many different ways, but each group has a shared goal: to look for new members who would like to become part of their brotherhood or sisterhood.

Fraternity recruitment starts on Sept. 28 and goes until Oct. 3. Each fraternity has different events on each of these days in order to meet people who are interested in joining.

There are four different fraternities on campus, and each has a different philanthropy, a charitable fundraiser or service project each group focuses on throughout the year. The four fraternities and their philanthropies are Delta Upsilon (Global Service Initiative), Phi Delta Theta (ALS), Kappa Sigma (Military Heroes) and Tau Kappa Epsilon (St. Jude’s Research Hospital).

Sorority recruitment starts on Oct. 1 and goes until Oct. 4. Sorority recruitment has more of a formal setting, but, nonetheless, groups are looking for new girls to join their sisterhood.

There are also four sororities on campus. Just like fraternities, sororities each have a different philanthropy. The four sororities and their philanthropies are Delta Phi Epsilon (Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders), Theta Phi Alpha (The House That Theta Phi Alpha Built), Alpha Xi Delta (Autism Speaks) and Kappa Beta Gamma (Multiple Sclerosis & Special Olympics).

“I like seeing all that our Greek students accomplish! Our chapters have held some incredibly successful philanthropic events in the last few years,” said Burrill,when asked what her favorite part of Greek Life is.

Greek Life offers many opportunities to students that might not otherwise be presented to them. It also gives first-years and other interested students the chance to meet different people on campus as they go through the recruitment process.

Recruitment now takes place in the fall to give freshmen an easy way to get involved on campus, and it also allows students to keep an interest in joining Greek Life after the Involvement Fair.

“It doesn’t hurt to go through recruitment, even if you’re unsure. It’s free to participate in recruitment, and it’s a great opportunity to meet a number of students on campus,” added Burrill.

As words of advice for anyone who decides to go through recruitment, Burrill says “Keep an open mind! You may go into recruitment thinking that you already know which group you want to join, but you may come to realize that you’d be a better fit with a different group. Be open to getting to know as many people as possible to learn your best fit!”

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