Must-See College Movies


With midterms looming just around the corner, many students are looking for any excuse to procrastinate studying for just a little longer. Whether it be cleaning your room or working out, we will do pretty much anything to put off schoolwork.

Despite the countless excuses, there has always been one favorite way to procrastinate: watching movies (or maybe today’s “Netflix and chill”). And what better way to waste time than by watching classic college movies?

  • In “The House Bunny” (2008) Anna Faris stars as a Playboy bunny named Shelley who is kicked out of the Playboy mansion and becomes a house mother to a failing sorority. “The House Bunny” also stars Colin Hanks, Emma Stone and Kat Dennings, as well as Hugh Hefner himself.
  • Another “chick flick,” “Legally Blonde” (2001), is about a preppy, blonde sorority girl that gets dumped by her college boyfriend and goes on to follow him to Harvard Law School in order to get back at him. “Legally Blonde” stars Reese Witherspoon and Luke Wilson.
  • “Accepted” (2006) is about a high school slacker that is denied from every college he applied to. To avoid disappointing his parents, he creates his own college near his neighborhood. As other students in his same situation both apply and get accepted to his ‘fake’ college, his scheme becomes a national scandal. “Accepted” features Justin Long, Jonah Hill and Blake Lively.
  • Despite being a children’s movie, “Monsters University” (2013) shows Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan’s backstory at college and how they started their journey to being the top scarers in Monstropolis. “Monsters University” brings back the original voice actors from “Monsters, Inc.,” such as Billy Crystal and John Goodman and includes new voices portrayed by Aubrey Plaza and Helen Mirren.
  • “22 Jump Street” (2014) is the sequel to the widely popular “21 Jump Street.” Instead of going back to high school, Schmidt and Jenko go undercover at a local college in yet another drug bust. This movie brings back Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube, as well as new faces such as Jillian Bell.
  • Arguably the top college movie of all-time, “National Lampoon’s Animal House” (1978) tells the story of an uptight college dean who is determined to expel the Delta Tau Chi fraternity but comes into some trouble when the entire fraternity resists and fights back. “Animal House” is written by Harold Ramis and stars John Belushi, Kevin Bacon and Tim Matheson.

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