SNC Uses LiveSafe as Official Safety Mobile App

In the last issue of the St. Norbert Times published on Oct. 13, 2015, an article was published about a safety app called BlueLight that stated the college was registered with this mobile app and that it was available for members of the SNC community to download and use. The information provided in this article was incorrect, and the college is not in affiliation with BlueLight at all, but rather uses LiveSafe as its mobile application for Campus Safety. The St. Norbert Times apologizes for this miscommunication and would like to retract the previous article. The correct information about LiveSafe is provided in the article below.


LiveSafe is a smartphone safety application that St. Norbert College currently uses to help keep the campus community safer. The LiveSafe mobile app offers an easy, on-the-move way for students to connect with Campus Safety at any time. This is the college’s second full year using LiveSafe.

Before the start of the 2015-16 school year Campus Safety had a big promotion for LiveSafe during freshman orientation in the summer. The First Year Experience (FYE) mentors introduced the LiveSafe app to their FYE groups and made the discussion of the app part of their orientation conversations.

To encourage students to get the app and download it to their phones, LiveSafe held a drawing for a free iPad mini to give to one of the newly registered students. In order to be entered into the drawing, students had to download the app, register their organization/school as St. Norbert College and send their FYE mentor’s name through a “tip” to Campus Safety.

Over 1,000 users are currently signed up for the LiveSafe app through SNC and Campus Safety hopes to increase this number even more.

“If we continue to do this every year for the rest of the freshman classes, we hope that sooner or later the rest of the campus will be signed up with the app,” said Jill Hofer, Campus Safety Office Coordinator.

As for how LiveSafe works, the app links directly to a dashboard that is monitored by Campus Safety officers, allowing users to quickly and easily share information with SNC personnel. The main page of the app offers four different options for users: “Report Tips,” “Emergency Options,” “Safety Map” and “Go Safe.”

With these different options, users can send messages to officers via text, along with picture, video and audio attachments; engage in a live chat; share crime tips and safety concerns; choose to anonymously report information or immediately send their caller ID and location.

The app also includes a live, interactive map that displays where recent incidents have occurred either on or near campus. This safety map works in any city a user is in, not just in De Pere, WI.

Another feature of the app includes a GPS-tagged monitoring system that students can activate to let friends and family see their location, and monitor each other while traveling from one location to another. This feature can be found under the “Go Safe” option, where users can choose “SafeWalk” or call Campus Safety to use the student shuttle. The student shuttle runs Sunday-Thursday from 8:00 p.m. to midnight.

LiveSafe also allows the college to add additional resources for users to access via the app. A new resource added this year is called “Sexual Assault Resources” and appears right under “St. Norbert College Info” in the sidebar of the app. The resource includes numbers and information for SNC Counseling and Psychological Services, the Local Sexual Assault Center and the National Sexual Assault Hotline and Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.

“The tool, in and of itself, is very powerful,” said Hofer. “Whether you use it or not, at least that resource is there for you right on your phone.”

Campus Safety is also looking to offer other promotions later this year and in the spring for students to participate in, as well as adding an option for students to sign up for broadcast messages about parking notifications within the app. Look for information about these promotions and options later this year.

“Because the app has a lot of things to do to keep people engaged, we want to continuously promote it,” said Hofer.

The app is currently available to download for free via the iTunes App Store and Google Play, users can register their organization as “St. Norbert College.” For more information, visit or Campus Safety can also answer any additional questions.



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