Something to Remember for the Fall Shipment


Fall is a season with the perpetual promise of brisk weather and radiant leaf color. In addition to the terrestrial continuity, fall is also the season of a new first-year class.

It is standard that each first-year will adjust to the collegiate life, diminish a once healthy circadian rhythm cycle and establish many relationships with strangers, many who are labeled with the term “neighbor.” The neighbors with whom we live will grow into the generic comparison of a community we would experience at home.

A residence hall with this sense of community and warmth is the hall that takes two flights of stairs in the Burke residency, where everyday a smiling face, a laugh and a sense of community awaits any who visit. The quirk to this Burke floor is that it is the only floor of Burke where first-year women live. Each first-year woman who lives in Burke has a story and unique qualities that make them very special. Nonetheless, the floor has grown into a homogenized composition of personalities, all of which are kind and encouraging. Walking in from a challenging class, from a long day or merely in a state of exhaustion, support emanates from each room and from each young lady who lives within Burke Hall.

Every student, in the effort to earn an education, will inevitably face the challenges that the rigor of college manufactures and throws at them in the form of a well structured outline, and it is crucial that we as students can find a support system. The rigor of classes can only ascend, as well as the levels of stress.

As we feature the first-year women of Burke, it is important to realize and embrace the community that each of our residence halls bestow upon us. The course of our first semester as first-years cannot be predicted, yet as fall’s new shipment to St. Norbert College, we can improve our future success and happiness by creating, implementing and embracing this ultimate sense of community.

As the green leaves on campus are changing and falling to the earth, it seems routine for the first-years to fall just as easily, and so the support of a residence community can only improve our happiness and education.


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