The Brew Poo & 2015 MLB Roundup


The Milwaukee Brewers have one of the worst records in baseball this season, and the future doesn’t look any brighter. As I sit here writing this, the Brew Poo sit below a .500 record, are more than thirty games out of the Central Division and have no shot of winning the Wild Card, statistically eliminating them from this year’s playoffs.

Even though the immediate future looks rough for the Brewers, it looks like they are taking the necessary steps to turn the organization around.

On Monday, Sept. 21, 2015 the Brewers introduced the new General Manager to the public, David Stearns. Stearns is only 30 years old, one year younger than All-Star Ryan Braun. This is Milwaukee’s ninth General Manager, and Stearns actually seems like a nice fit for the Brewers.

As previously mentioned, Stearns is a young face to be leading the organization, but he is a graduate of Harvard University, worked for the MLB Office of the Commissioner for three years and was the Assistant General Manager for the Houston Astros since 2013.

I logged on to Twitter during the Brewers live Periscope conference with General Manager Stearns and asked him “What is it like being one of the youngest GM’s in the game, especially with players on the team older than you?” Fortunately, Stearns responded and had this to say: “That’s something I’ve had to encounter throughout my career. It hasn’t proven a hindrance to me, and I don’t anticipate it being a hindrance to me in this position either.”

Moving on to other teams in the NL Central, the Chicago Cubs are surprisingly staying closely behind the Central Division leader, the St. Louis Cardinals, and current first-place holder of the NL Wild Card, the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Cardinals and Pirates have already clinched a playoff spot and are waiting to see who will join them.

At this point with the Cardinals and Pirates as locks, it looks like the Cubs will also join in the playoffs, barring a major collapse by either team. The Pirates and Cubs would have to play each other in a one-game playoff to determine who would move on to the divisional series.

The World Series favorite Washington Nationals hit a massive slump and were overcome by the New York Mets. Rounding out the National League, the Dodgers Duo of Kershaw and Greinke have put the team on their back and look to do some damage in the postseason behind a sizzling starting lineup.

In the American League, the Toronto Blue Jays went player crazy right before the trade deadline and it looks like it’s going to pay off. However, the Blue Jays still have the Yankees to worry about as they are just a few games behind and threaten to push the Blue Jays into a Wild Card game situation.

Joining the Blue Jays and the Yankees will be none other than last year’s runner up, the Kansas City Royals. It has not been much of a stressful season for the Royals, as most of their divisional foes underperformed this year. Finally, the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros will round out the American League. It will be interesting to see what happens here between the Rangers and Astros, as these two fight for the divisional crown, but the loser will have to play in the pivotal Wild Card game.

The hunt for Oct. is on, and it’s going to be another exciting race to the finish. All previously mentioned teams are pretty much a lock in my book to make the postseason, but picking the teams to make the World Series is a little bit harder to do.

It is going to be one of the league’s best postseasons in history in my opinion, but who would’ve ever thought that the Blue Jays would have a chance at the World Series title this season? Kershaw and Greinke aren’t even human and really know how to make their way through a lineup. This matchup would be one of the best in a long time for Major League Baseball, and I predict that the Dodgers are going to beat the Blue Jays to win it all in six. You heard it here first.

David Stearns-1


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