The Power of the Human Smile


A facial feature that emits genuine merriment is one that can be produced by human benevolence. Naturally, this facial feature is, in fact a smile, but the power of the anatomy of the human smile has always been underestimated. An organization on campus that has produced many of these is the Love Your Melon organization. Many will have recognized the title by the apparel worn around campus or in the community, yet many do not know the cause behind the Love Your Melon organization.

Love Your Melon was founded in 2012 by two collegiate students attending the University of Minnesota whose mission was to improve the lives of children battling cancer. The organization is a national effort to fight the battle, and we here at St. Norbert College have ambassadors of the organization who are contributing to the imperative battle against cancer, as well.

This summer, two of the organization’s executives, Hannah Hallstrom ‘18 and Sadie Jung ‘18, commenced what now is a growing charitable organization.

“Ever since hearing about Love Your Melon, I knew I wanted to be involved,” said Jung. “Being a college student and knowing that I can impact children’s lives is truly amazing. As a crew leader, I hope to get others involved in helping children fight cancer.”

As quoted by one of the four student executives of the Love Your Melon organization, “the group seeks to impact the lives of children suffering from cancer.”

The mission of the organization is to help children cope with the battle against cancer and form a type of therapeutic treatment for the children, one that ensures a smile on every child’s face. The St. Norbert organization, in addition to groups across the nation, vehicle the process through selling apparel with the logo “Love Your Melon.”

Fifty percent of the proceeds obtained from nationwide purchases goes to the Pinky Swear Foundation, which is similar to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. The remaining 50 percent of the proceeds goes to CureSearch, a cancer research organization.

The group of 20 ambassadors on our campus has transacted 152 purchases, each of which can be accredited to the St. Norbert group in the purchasing process. The group has goals in which increments of credits earns increasing benefits for children with cancer. At 100 credits of purchases, the group hosted a Super Hero Household visit, a nationwide tradition of Love Your Melon that surprises a child with cancer and raise their spirits. This year’s visit occurred on Oct. 22.

Along with the obtained goal, the group continues to change the lives of children with cancer by donating hats and apparel, as well as upholding the national traditions of the Love Your Melon entrepreneurship.

Jung emphasized, “The organization is relatively new, and so we need support to reach out to the community and change lives of children battling cancer.”

The St. Norbert group connects students on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and needs the support of the student embodiment to continue to change the lives of children with cancer.

Our Love Your Melon organization is embracing the anatomy of the human smile within the St. Norbert Campus and the greater De Pere community, as well as impacting the lives of all who are involved with this hopeful development. The human smile is an incredible thing, one that we should never underestimate.


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