Trick-or-Treating: Fun for All Ages?


With Halloween just around the corner, college students might be reflecting back on the good ol’days of trick-or-treating. After all, there’s a lot to miss—dressing up with friends, going out in the neighborhood past your bedtime and, best of all, tons of free candy!

Reminiscing on our childhood Halloween celebrations brings up a question that some of us might be embarrassed to acknowledge: When exactly is someone considered to be “too old” to go trick-or-treating?

Most people tend to outgrow the desire to go trick-or-treating sometime in middle school or high school. Instead, they hang out with friends, go to Halloween parties or hand out candy at home. Yet not everyone wants to hang up his or her costume for good. Many teenagers, and even young adults, still want to go trick-or-treating but find resistance among peers and families in their neighborhoods.

Some parents tend to associate teenage trick-or-treaters with trouble, feeling as though devious, late-night traditions of smashing pumpkins and egging houses will happen. It is acceptable for parents to have this thought as these activities have, in fact, given older teenagers out on Halloween night a bad reputation.

However, the teenagers going out to go trick-or-treating most likely just want a chance to get into the holiday spirit without getting into any sort of trouble. An online survey conducted by NBC Today found that 29 percent of those surveyed thought that you’re never too old to go trick-or-treating.

Frankly, I do not think there should be an age limit on who can trick-or-treat. As long as it is done with good intentions, it gives young adults a chance to be carefree and revisit their childhood, while at the same time giving them a break from the stresses of school and work.

If teenagers put a genuine effort into their costumes and act as a role model for the younger trick-or-treaters, they should be welcomed at doorsteps on Halloween night.


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