5 Weeks to Save the Semester!


With only five weeks left until the dreaded finals week begins, the fall semester is now down to the wire. Many of us students (myself included) are suddenly scrambling in an attempt to put in an edge on the mountain of work we have yet to tackle. This leads us to the bigger question: What are some ways we can relieve stress (and further avoid confronting our studies) in an attempt to be more productive in the last few weeks of the semester? Here are some tips:

  1. Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep. Many college students are up all hours of the night getting homework and studying done. It is important to allow yourself at least seven hours of sleep per night, but an upward of eight or nine is ideal. This means that, yes, those with early morning classes you should try getting to bed no later than 11 p.m. or 12 a.m. in order to get enough rest and be ready to take on the following day.
  2. Eat well. Being a college student, it’s easy to ditch the healthy eating habits from home and binge on Phil’s goodies and a late-night delivery from Toppers. Eating unhealthily not only harms your body, however, but can also contribute to stress and feeling unmotivated. Try to eat healthy when possible: pick up fruit while in the cafeteria or get one of the healthier options available at Ed’s or Phil’s when cramming for your next exam.
  3. Exercise often. Physical exercise is incredibly important to your overall health. Not only does it do your body good, but regular exercise also improves mental health and positivity, leaving you feeling much more productive and capable to take on your studies. Between Schuldes, the Campus Center gym and the gorgeous Fox River Trails, there are more than enough options for SNC students to stay fit and happy. Set a daily goal for yourself and get moving!
  4. Set aside time for yourself. In the midst of your hectic college schedule, it might seem impossible to have a moment to relax and decompress. Between practices, labs, going to TA hours and everything else going on campus, there is no doubt that having time to relax is something hard to attain, but that does not make it any less important. Don’t let your classes and hours of studying take its toll on your stress levels: be sure to set aside time to dedicate to yourself. This could be anything from binge-watching Netflix or cleaning your room, to having some “you” time spa-style. As long as it gets you relaxed and in a better mood, go for it.
  5. Ask for help! One thing many college students fall victim to is thinking that they can handle all of their studies on their own. If you feel lost in one of your classes or nervous about an upcoming exam or paper, be sure to reach out to classmates and professors for help! Visiting a professor during their office hours is a sure way to clarify any questions you might have on an assignment, and getting a tutor or forming a study group on your own with classmates helps take away the stress of studying alone.

So, Green Knights, be sure to use these five tips to buckle down and finish out the semester on a strong note!


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