Athlete Spotlight: Nicole Beine


Year: Senior

Major: Biology

Position in soccer: Defender

Favorite athlete: Aaron Rodgers

Last good movie you watched: “Inside Out”

Favorite drink at Ed’s: Funky Monkey shake

The most embarrassing TV show you’ll admit to watching: “Dancing with the Stars”

What does it take to successfully balance academics and athletics?

For me, it takes a lot of self-discipline. Discipline to wake up early and study or productively use my time rather than watch TV.

If you were designing the new athletics building for SNC, what’s one feature you’d want it to have?

I think the new athletics building should have an aqua massage machine or some machine that can give massages so we don’t have to hire a masseuse.

What is the best moment from your collegiate soccer career?

I have truly enjoyed my entire collegiate soccer career. The best and most memorable moment was becoming conference champs my sophomore year and going to the NCAA Tournament. The excitement I felt after winning the final game in the conference tournament to go to the NCAA was unlike anything I have ever felt before.

Nicole Beine

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